Market #12: Craigslist basket case 1963 Sprint

Update 5/1/09: 12 bidders chimed in and the result was $1525, reserve not met.  A little lower than I would have thought, but getting all the bits together is going to cost.  I have a lot of what it needs, I wonder what it would take to buy it?

Update 4/21/09: Giulia Sprint 385940 is now on eBay after either having all it’s trim, lights and other bits stripped and sold, or applied to another car the seller may have. I told you a bunch of Sprints would follow that $18.7K car.

I shouldn’t assume the current seller is the previous seller, but for convenience I will.

giulia sprint frontWasn’t long ago this guy had his grills and lights and bumpers, hopefully someone is going to buy him and get him a fresh set… maybe.

giulia sprint other sideThis is me, nothing to hide behind, nothing to cloud the very essence of me. I looked a little better before being parted out.

Giulia sprint backBody looks good on this car. I know that buying complete vintage Campagnolo equiped road bikes and parting them out is good business, the yin of the parter-outer balanced by the yang of the gatherer-builder, with maybe $150 between (beats flipping burgers I suppose) so maybe that is the future of mid-level sports cars, more valuable as parts than whole. I know, it belongs to the seller and they can dissolve it in a vat of diet coke if they want. Ain’t freedom sweet.

Giulia Sprint sideOops, missed a bracket… just kidding. Good times,

I think it will do this car good to get into the hands of someone who wants a Sprint rather than someone looking to make a profit. It’s not to late. Act now, just be ready to gather a bunch of parts.

This late 101 Giulietta Sprint is for sale on SF Bay Area Craigslist but out of Portland Oregon as of 5/22/08. Asking price is $6000, no doubt a nod to the recent sale on eBay of the subject of Special Sprints #5. This car was on eBay within the last year but I don’t remember the price it ended at. Pictures are the usual condensed to the point of near uselessness that happens on Craigslist.

Car looks fairly straight with all grills, trim and glass intact

I like the multicolored body, door and trunk. Rear bumper, lights and trim look great. Later style license plate mount is interesting. Wheels are later style that are sometimes seen on these late Sprints.

Trunk lid fits well, rust is probably present on the inside where you can see it on the outside here.

Interior is a lot more complicated on the later cars. I Wonder if this is the correct steering wheel. I would want to verify the unseen parts are part of the kit.

The ad text states this car was assembled in Paris which is uncommon. I have read the Alfa and Renault had some sort of deal worked out where just enough of the car was assembled in France to qualify for a lower import tax rate. The car should have a build plate stating the car was built in France and a glass brake fluid reservoir -a requirement in France.

There is reported to be some rust in the floor pan, limited to front foot-well area and trunk. Original engine, transmission and most missing parts are said to come with it. You have to be careful when accounting for parts when buying a car like this. Often enthusiasm blinds you to the importance of this task, but later you will regret it if you discover you are missing some parts that were supposed to be included and replacements are expensive.


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