Market 110: One of the last 1300 Giulietta Spiders

Giulietta Spider 10103*370645. This car was available last week on Sacramento Craigslist, listed as a parts car to make an offer on. Seller stated the car was complete but rusty after having been sitting for years in various indoor and outdoor locations. The owner was the sellers father who finally admitted he was never going to get around to it.

giulietta spider AT LAST!!!If cars could talk, tell the story, relate the lonely years spent 15 feet from the open road, home to litters of kittens, mice and who knows what else while piled with boxes of ephemera waiting for either rebirth in the recycled form of Bob the singing big mouth bass on a Walgreen’s shelf or per chance another shot at the open road. Spider 370645 sees daylight for the first time in years, note it still has shackles on its chin.

giulietta spider 370645 trailer 1370645 had not had an easy time at any point in its existence if how it looks here is any indication. It did however have the luck to survive until such a day as this when it may find someone who feels compelled to take on such a project.

giulietta spider trailer pass backLayers of rattle-can paint, white doors and trunk. It must have been interesting for that rear wheel to turn!

giulietta spider engineNew owner has the choice of open heart surgery or an out and out transplant but one must assume the worst. Is that the 4 blade Conrero fan?

giulietta spider blank blockNo fingerprints! This block has no number so it must be a factory replacement. Maybe the new owner will get lucky and this is a blank 00120/00106 replacement Veloce unit. Has one piece aluminum pan all the normales had in the 60’s. Looks like the engine was on its way out at one point.

giulietta spide flat tireAmong the flattest tires ever.

giulietta Spider made it homeEveryone loves a California Black Plate. Yes, that’s an Eriba Puck in the background!

I know, your all confused. This car was on Craigslist as a parts car and here I have all these pictures of it on a trailer and all. Well I happen to know the new owner; He’s me. I paid $1350 for it and dragged it home with the help of my friendly Turkish immigrant friend Alex who scarcely let me get a word in edge-wise in the four hours it took to drive up to Sacramento and drag it back Oakland on Friday morning.

What am I going to do with it? Maybe I’ll give it a full restoration, or join the ranks of small-time eBay middle-man classic car dealers or drop an engine in, do the brakes and drive it as is. I don’t honestly know yet, but I am glad to have a new addition to the Giulietta’s family that if I work on will interest the Giulietta Spider folks. Stay tuned!

Please, someone buy the Berlina ($2800) or TI ($3800) or the pair($6000), the garage is going to bust!
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4 thoughts on “Market 110: One of the last 1300 Giulietta Spiders

  1. Hi

    I loved the article and having noticed the Eriba Puck in the background wondered if that was available for sale? Good luck with this.



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