Exploring the Spider’s potential

Alas, I should be tearing into the Fiat’s bottom end, or fixing up the cooling system on the Sprint so I know when I’m overheating but I can’t leave the new car alone.
Digging through the glove-box, trunk and interior didn’t reveal any serious jewels, but did turn up a lot of the little stuff that can be a real pain to track down.

Concours original Giulietta Spider paint.As usual, a teaser first. This is the original paint. Not easy to expose, but doable. I think I have mentioned many times that this is my favorite Alfa color.

Giulietta Spider before noseLittle memory jog. Rattle can over rattle can over rattle can. Blue bleached to silver or a little of each. Who knows.

giulietta spider spray paint removalYou learn things when making mistakes. One such thing is that carb and brake cleaner is nasty stuff that removes most cheap coats of paint with frustrating in most cases ease, but in this case happy making ease. I’m maybe 15 minutes into this operation here. Of course brake cleaner was followed by 2000 grit sand paper and mag polish.

giulietta spider fender paintOkay, I got greedy, carried away! I spent a whole can of brake cleaner and removed a lot of rattle can paint. I need better gloves, all the little cuts on my hands stung through the Nitrile blue gloves I was using, imagine what my liver thought. Look at that Grigio though!

giulietta spider stubborn black paintA big WTF goes out to all the guys who think a quick rattle can blow over is preferable to the original admittedly staid paint. I suppose I should be grateful that the layers of colors preserved the gray so well. The black seen here is pretty tough and may require a different approach. Any archaeologists in the crowd?

progress on blackI decided to give good old elbow grease a shot here and carefully sanded through the offending paint.

img_8081Could be worse, could be much worse. I would drive this car like this, and this is the result of maybe an hour of casual experimentation. Imagine what it will be like when I get all bent to make it perfect.

img_80841You’re jealous, I know it! If only I can get doors and a trunk that will come up like this.

Can you believe this? I feel like I’m looking at someone else’s good luck in these pictures. There’s absolutely no getting around the fact that the doors and trunk are not original to the car but maybe someone out there in internet land would be willing to trade a pair of doors and trunk in gray for a pair of doors and trunk in white as seen here.

I am tempted to turn this into some sort of community project where I beg for donations to just put this poor thing on the road. Conrad already donated a pair of new repro MGB seats someone gave him. Lets see, I could use a cast off stone chipped windshield, a cracked horn center that isn’t melted by the Sacramento sun, a drivers side tail light that is similarly crazed and opaque to the one on the passenger side, an exhaust from the cast manifolds back and other stuff to be revealed later. Stay tuned!

This is a link to the write up of the acquisition of this car.


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