ARA and Dick Gale’s One Lap of Marin

I got up early and changed the fan belt in the Sprint for the 4th time, this time with the right belt, a 17281, and headed over to Sausalito to meet up for the annual ‘One Lap of Marin’ presented by The Alfa Romeo Association, an SF Bay Area Alfa club and Dick Gale. I am going to poach part of the Snowball Rally next weekend (have to go to the company premier party for Pixar’s ‘Up’ next Saturday night with the Mrs.) and thought this would be a great chance to see some old faces and put another 100+ shakedown miles on the Sprint.
The meet up spot is on the Sausalito waterfront just off the Marin City exit of 101. The majority of the cars are imports, mostly Italian, ranging from humble Fiats to stately Lancia’s to once-in-a-lifetime Ferrari’s, though the field was primarily Alfa Romeo’s.

old-alfa6C1750 Super Sport perhaps? Fantastic light covers! I admit my knowledge of earlier Alfa’s is limited. Mike’s SS and Karl’s 90’s Spider in foreground.

ferrari-california-spiderFerrari California Spyder? One of those cars that you just don’t see at the corner store on a Friday night anymore. At 10 mil a pop you ‘re lucky to see them at all anymore.

ex-race-giulietta-spider-widened-steel-wheelsThis Giulietta Spider was a long time race car that was recently spiffed up for the road. Dig the widened steel wheels. This might be the way to go for my SS.

ex-race-giulietta-spiderHere is the same Giulietta Spider from the back. That white cone in front of it is the hood of a BMW 327 (or was it a 328?) that died as it was entering the parking lot. I saw it later so it must have gotten sorted.

black-1959-giulietta-sprintThis stunning Sprint was driven by Dan and his lovely wife whose name escapes me. This car is number 20104, I’ve got 20379. Siblings separated at birth reunited briefly…

black-giulietta-sprint-sideThe paint work was so nice on this car you can tell that’s the tail of a Lamborghini Islero beside it.

black-plate-nero-giulietta-sprint1Even the black plate was close to mine. That’s Martins Super behind the Sprint, another well sorted stunning car. Note the motorcycle gang in the background. Tomales, the little town we stopped in has a population of 550. On a Saturday when the weather is good it approaches 1000.

anther-old-alfaAnother Alfa 6C? Nice.

alfa-back-ends-plus-limoEclectic mix here. Foreground is a GTC, green headlight corner is a Lancia Aurelia Spyder. The Limo was full of teenage girls yelling “Wooooo” out the window like it’s spring break and we’re in Cancun. Awesome.

Andrew’s starter failed to do its job so I helped him bump his Super and then decided to head home and do a little sorting on the Sprint which, all things considered, had a perfect debut shakedown and in auspicious company for sure!

An event like this makes you remember all the great things about this part of the world we live in.  Between the weather, roads, scenery and company you simply have to feel fortunate.  Thanks organizers.  I had fun!

There are more pictures of this event if you follow the link on the Event Photo’s page or click here.


5 thoughts on “ARA and Dick Gale’s One Lap of Marin

  1. Matt, thanks for the nice writeup and pictures! Next best thing to having actually been there (which I wasn’t).

    See you next weekend.

  2. Yes Matt,
    ‘Those’ both were Alfa 6c1750s. And the ‘white cone’ was the hood of the 1938 BMW 328 which I was driving, it flooded, then re-started.
    Glad you could make it,

  3. I had sort of an Alfa centric weekend as well. We went down to Stuttgart to visit the Porsche museum (not Alfa centric) but while there I went to look at a Giulia Super that was for sale. Really nice guy, decent car. He also had an absolutely pristine 2600 and a concourse winner 1900 Touring. I didn’t have time to go look at his Veloce Spider, unfortunately.

    I’m going to go look at another Giulia Super in Hamburg when I get back in two weeks.

  4. This is the LAST year that I’ll miss the Lap, hopefully. The Spider’s nearly done, and I’m hoping to plan a Giulietta Jaunt for September/October; you’re all invited, naturally.

    Thanks for writeup and photos, Matt. Your blog’s always a great read.

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