Market 109: 1600 Sprint presentable driver

Update 4/25: This car sold for $16,350 with 24 bidders.  Not a bad result for a later Sprint that had no effort made to show any potentially rusty areas.  I think a trip to the detail shop like the subject of Market 106  would have resulted in better pictures which in turn would have resulted in a higher sale price.  If the new owner is interested in lower body trims, I think a set is on eBay right now.  Well bought I suspect.
Giulia Sprint 1600 10112*358476, 00112*11980, body 6531121. This car is available right now on eBay out of Washington. As I mentioned after the last Sprint sold on eBay for $18,700, they are probably going to be coming out of the woodwork with sellers trying to capitalize on that cars success. The beauty of this particular example is it can be driven immediately by the new owner and comes with the valuable original engine as well as an installed Giulia Sprint GT Veloce unit.

sprint-marchalI like this view of Sprints. Nice Marchal headlamp. Headlight ring looks a little distorted. Auction description says this area was repaired after an accident prior to the sellers ownership. My Sprint has been hit twice in this area. Oh well.

sprint-nose-2This is how you used to find them (so I’m told) in presentable but not exceptional paint with pretty good trim and running okay. Grills look a little odd, like the inserts are too dark or something. Note later style hubcaps.

sprint-back-pass-cornerStance of this car is very similar to mine, I wonder if it wallows and rolls as much as mine when cornering. New springs and shocks would transform the stance and handling of this car (an in the near future they will for mine).

sprint-back-head-onThese late Sprints don’t have the ‘Airplane’ trim/license plate light holder of the earlier cars and not many of the US cars got the big square license plate light. License plate lights are on the rear bumper. Fit of the trunk lid is good.

sprint-sideSprints look naked without the trim along the bottom. I’d hunt down a set. A few minor rust bubbles can be seen here.

Auction text verbatim:

Very good driver with minimal rust, mainly bubbling where the lower body trim attached (gone) and a small perforation beneath the battery. It presently has an excellent 1600cc 105 motor from a ’67 GTV installed with jet hot coated centerline headers. The original 1600 motor ran when pulled and is included along with the original 5 spd transmission. Brakes have been relined/ rebuilt plus there is an extra set of 3 shoe backing plates, shoes, cylinders, etc. The car has new rear limit straps, new driveshaft center bearing, new water pump and Tstat, new rubber carb mounts, and a new exhaust system. The 105 transmission still has it’s original paint (assuming they were originally painted) and shifts perfectly in all gears, it even snicks into first at rest without the usual grind. The paint appears to be original at least there is only one coat and the interior is in very nice shape, as is the vintage Nardi steering wheel. The right front fender must have been repaired at some point and is a little crooked, the reveal between the headlights and the grill is not even from side to side. All the parts shown are also included. The license plate is not included unless sold in Washington State.”

“I had a question about the old repair to the right front fender and added a couple more pictures. It looks like there is bondo around the headlight area and the grill below it is dinged up. The damage can’t have been too extensive if the grill was reused.”

“I’ll post a closeup of the fender but there is not much to see, it’s just a little crooked. I didn’t notice it until a couple of years after I bought the car when a friend with a mild case of OCD pointed it out. It has the original and correct 3 shoe front brakes with new linings and rebuilt cylinders. I bought the other set of 3 shoe’s so I would have spare parts for the rebuild but everything came apart easily and I didn’t use any of the spares. The side spears were gone when I got the car.”

sprint-dash-niceI am liking these late Sprints more and more, with their less austere padded dashes and added shiny bits. Steering wheel is not original but is very cool! Lot’s of dark upholstery to be seen in here.

sprint-backHeadliner looks great as does the upholstery back here.

sprint-engine1Engine compartment is functionally okay but could really use a good tidy up and detailing. If it were me I’d go through the original engine then pull this one out, get the compartment painted, and install the original engine with the intake set-up seen here.

sprint-sparesAll you need to do the above mentioned swap. It’s good to have these spares and original bits.

This car is a pretty good value. You get the original engine along with a running 1600 from a GTV that you could probably easily sell for as much or more than it would cost to build the original. You get a car you can drive from day one and do little projects on as it suits your schedule.

If the rust is as minimal as the seller suggests and the car works as well as is stated, it should do better than the $18,700 car, but knowing how these things work, I will be surprised if that’s how it ends though I do expect it to sell.

Worse comparable

Somewhat comparable comparable

better comparable


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