Market 108: Well traveled Giulietta Sprint Speciale

Update 4/21/09: This car sold for $38,300 with 10 bids.  I am very surprised at this result.  This is a nice car than can be driven immediately!  The two tone silver car needed a lot and sold for $3000 less than this.  The white Giulia SS is probably in similar condition to this but hasn’t been used much and the seller of that car wants $47K FIRM (his caps).   Bad timing maybe?  Who knows.  Well bought I say if the seller lets it go.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*177380, Engine 00120*01735.  On eBay now is this very nice example from right here in California.  I seem to remember this car selling via the AlfaBB a few years back (before I started this blog) for about $22K with engine teething problems and 69 GTV seats, I looked in emails past and found an inquiry about it by me on 9/14/05.  To look at it now and by the description, it sounds like the seller took it on and improved everything that needed improving.

SS 177380 noseI kind of like it without the grill wiskers.  Car is so blue here it almost looks black.  Nice. Seller states grill whiskers are included and in good shape.

SS 177380 sideIt’s more obviously blue in this picture than that above.  Looks a lot like the subject of Market 31.

SS 177380 backI wonder if that is the South African Plate?  I wonder if the guy who restored this is the same guy I have been trying to get a side window set from?  Looks black in this picture.  Amber lights are a non-US thing.

SS 177380 pass cornerContinuing the walk around.  This car is just right.  It is a good color, it has a perfect stance and there are no glaring amateur fixes.  I like!

ss 177380 interiorAnd even a good interior color and finish.  Car is said to have originally been red when it was sent to live in Rhodesia from new, but the seller claims there is no evidence anywhere fo red and the interior was done to original style but in blue and gray as seen. 

SS 177380 gaugesGauges look good, no excuses other than an innacurate fuel gauge (welcome to the club).  Horn ring and steering wheel are nice too.

Auction description verbatim: “This is a very nice Giulietta Sprint Speciale. It was built as a USA export model as the speedometer is in MPH but was originally supplied to Rhodesia and later owned in South Africa until 2000 when it was imported into USA. The build date is confirmed by Alfa Romeo to be 24th March 1962. The original color was Red but in the 1990’s this car was restored and had a complete color change to current dark blue. there is no evidence of color change anywhere on this vehicle. I have seen no evidence of any rust on this vehicle in the 3 plus years I have owned it. The paint and chrome are over 10 years old , there are a couple of cracks in the paint, one nickel size ding on one front fender and a couple of chips on the chrome. The interior is vinyl in very nice condition blue/grey. the headliner is white in excellent condition. The motor in the car is 1400 cc 105 veloce motor built in 2003 by Wes Ingram and since has approximately 4000 miles of use. The transmission is 5 speed and was rebuilt in 2006 by Phil Mason in California. Everything is working aside from the fuel gauge. As far as I am aware the car is complete except for one interior door pull. The glass is very good. The car has Dave Rugh springs , electronic ignition, it starts well and drives and handles first class. The front grill whiskers are not on the car but are in good condition and will be with the car. Original block is included with the car( see photos) together with crank (which may or may not be original). When the car was restored it was equipped with motor 00120-00116 which I was advised was originally supplied in an SZ and has racing history. this engine has approximately 10,000 mile on it and is in excellent shape, complete excepting for the carbs (which are on the car)This is available for an extra US$9000 , the winner of the auction has first option to purchase this . I have tried to describe the car as best and honestly as I can, I encourage any prospective buyers to inspect it personally if they have any doubts. I would not classify it as concours, because the restoration is over 10 years old, as as long as you accept that I doubt anyone would be disappointed with this rare Alfa.”

SS 177280 engineEngine is a 1600 105 Veloce, tastefully set up with the original intake parts and tidy, though not perfect.  More than nice enough for a good looking driver.

SS 177380 suspensionYou are looking at the starter here, presumably with the front wheel off.  Suspension is all trick with Koni’s and Rugh springs, probably the route I will go with mine if I ever get that far.  Is that ground strap just hanging there or bolted into place?  I hope the latter.

SS 177380 undersideTidy and well done from what can be seen.  The bracket above the muffler with an oval cutout is the emergency brake guide that is only on Veloces and SS’s (SZ’s too??) with the big gas tank.

SS 177280 engine 0012001735The original engine.  I’d be happy with this for mine.  Absolutely.  Good that it is included if the next owner wants to go back to stock.  Buyer has a $9000 option on 00120*00116 as well, which the seller claims has Italian race history powering an SZ.

Everytime I think the supply of unknown SS’s coming up for sale must be exhausted another one appears.  I wondered what happened to this car from when I asked about it a few years back and viola! here’s my answer.  This is a great color combination on an apparently well sorted car with a no nonsense approach to the eBay auction.  If that gray on gray car is a $35K car, then this must be $50K at least, but market psychology might be be such that only the perceived bargains sell.  Who knows, in any case this is a sweet car with a sensible opening price.  Fly in, check it out, drive it home.  It’s that simple.


4 thoughts on “Market 108: Well traveled Giulietta Sprint Speciale

  1. That is one of the ex-Pat O’Brien SS’s, still wearing South African plates from Gauteng Province – hence the GP suffix. Pat had another SS, in red, #491, which was the ex-Pieterse Brothers race car, which has since been sold. The previous owner of the Red SS is the window vendor.


  2. the two tone silver sold for $5K less. and I dropped my price to $46K on my white 1600 Giulia S/S. Last chance before I try ebay Europe. Thanks Matt.

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