Market 107: UK based Giulia 1600 Sprint project

Giulia 1600 Sprint 10112*356956.  This car is available right now on eBay.UK.  According to the Production and Register it was made in 1963, making it one of the last Sprints.  Lots of work has been done and it sounds like it is ready for paint and assembly.

Sprint 1600 356956 noseBodywork looks to have been done well.  Wipers work in the opposite direction to mine.

Sprint 1600 356956 drivers sideMore smooth bodywork.  As always, I would want to see it in person to comfortably proclaim it well done.  I like these wheels.

 Auction text:  “You are bidding for what is probably one of the rarest cars to make it onto Ebay. A 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint.  I have listed this car as a Giulietta Sprint but it is the even rarer “tipo 10112 Giulia Sprint”. (chassis number 356956).  The Giulia sprints were built between 1962-1964 using Giulietta bodyshells but with1600 engines and 5 speed gearboxes for more power. Hand painted in Red primer this particular example has just found its way out of a barn after 26 years in hibernation.  Still running on its original engine but fitted with a Veloce head and twin webers. The engine turns over nicely & fires. I had this car running sweet last week with no smoke, knocks or rattles but the carbs could really do with a clean out. One mod on this car is the floor handbrake, but I have the original dashboard handbrake & also the downdraught solex carb & manifiold if you would prefer to put back to standard.  The car was imported from Italy in 1964 & has had just 3 UK owners. I have the V5 & original green logbook.  You can see from the pictures that this car has had substantial amounts of bodywork while in storage. The body is sound & all the welding has been done excluding the lip on the rear bootlid.  There is some distortion on the bottom of both doors & front wings caused by Gas welding. This could be easily rectified by a good panel beater. This car is now virtualy rust free & ready to go off to the paint shop.

Bodywork repairs include:

Replaced front & rear valance

Replaced Inner & outer seals


Replaced inner wheel arches


Replaced boot floor.


Door bottoms & lower front wings.


Interior. I have the door panels & front & rear seat frames but all these have been attacked by rats so needs complete new upholstery or maybe just a bucket seat & cage if you want to go racing. The headlining could be saved.

Under floor.


All work has been carried out under the floor with all new copper brake pipes & rebound straps & anti roll bar bushes & sound floor pans.

There are only several parts missing but these are easy to obtain in th UK from specialists or off the web in the USA.

Front centre grill

Bonnet strip

both door glasses

I have set the reserve at a reasonable price as these cars are now commanding over £20,000 when restored correctly.

I forgot to mention. The 4 rims inside the car are the original that have been sandblasted & primed. These will come with the vehicle not the rims shown on the car.

 You are welcome to come & view before auction ends. Overseas bidders welcome but you will need to arrange your own shipping.”


sprint 1600 356956 side backYou can see the line of repair on the door and just in front of the rear wheel.  That’s some psychedelic carpet/flooring under there.  Car is missing door glass on both sides.

Sprint 356956 back endI’d be tempted to leave the lip off the back end.  There’s the elusive (state-side anyway) license plate bracket/frame. 

sprint 1600 356956 trunk floorTrunk floor looks good from what can be seen.  My car has a similar boot lid prop.

Sprint 1600 356956 engineThe business.  Needs carbs cleaned out.  Said to have a Veloce head.

Sprint 1600 356956 wheels and interiorBorrani wheels need finishing.  Dash looks decent.  Is that an earlier style speedometer?  Note floor mounted handbrake.

Another day, another Sprint project.  I think this will get snapped up by some UK based Giulietta fan to transfer a lot of good parts onto from their rusty car.  In the states this is a mid-market car if repairs prove sound and an inventory of the parts comes up correct.  That it runs and potentially drives without much fuss is a big plus for this car.


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