101 1300 21: sumday

First off, to address some comments: I do have the original air filter assembly, the problem is, the Solex I am using is the later type that doesn’t clear the airbox.  I suppose the correct Solex could fix the lack of an air cleaner problem too.

So, Sumday (thanks Grandaddy for coming up with that one) is the day I add it all up.  It may be premature since I haven’t fixed the possibly low oil pressure or settled on a carb, but I think I am close.  Below is a tally of work done and how much it cost.  I am presenting this as educational material for those who, like me at the outset, think they can cut corners and save some cash.  I honestly thought this would cost “about $3000”.  Pictures have little to do with this post.

sprintsssssss1I had lunch with Laurence on Friday and he thought a side-by-side of our semi-significant others would be fun and informative.  His is a Sprint Veloce made 3/58, mines a Sprint made 10/59.  Both are long term Bay Area cars with similar patina, though his is nicer in most ways.

sprint-noses1Another view.  Very similar shapes that on close inspection are very different.

So, drum-roll please, here it is, the machining etc first:

  • Machine Pistons to clear head: $40.
  • Machine small end bushes: $100.
  • Rebuild Waterpump (unobtainable 750 type): $275.
  • 101/1300 cylinder head: clean, inspect, smooth ports, R&R guides, cut and radius valve seats, resurface, assemble, adjust tappet clearance to provided cams, 8 hours total. $720.
  • Transmission: Strip, examine, lighten gears, rebuild with new parts as needed. $1237.95
  • Weld up exhaust: $40.
  • Total work in this area: $2412.95.

And now the parts, new and otherwise:

  • Pistons and liners: $535
  • Drain plug washers 2x: $1.44
  • Water pump bearing 2x: $12.96
  • Water pump seal: $24.12
  • Thermostat: $8.06
  • Accelerator pedal firewall grommet: $26.01
  • Rod Bearings: $62.33
  • Main Bearings: $48.24
  • Thrust Washers: $15.26
  • Timing Chain, lower: $25.16
  • Flywheel lock tabs: $18.72
  • Exhaust studs (3):  $8.10
  • Exhaust Nuts (8): $5.76
  • Marelli Veloce points: $32.50
  • Marelli Veloce Rotor: $27.00
  • Marelli Veloce Cap: $60.00
  • Condensor: $10.00
  • Exhaust, front section: $173.00
  • Cylinder Head (good used 1300): $400.00
  • Cam Lock tabs: $4.00
  • Intake Valves (4): $50.00
  • Valve guide set (2): $51.00
  • Exhaust Valves (4) original Alfa: $198.00
  • Steering firewall grommet: $50.00
  • Rod bush set: $230
  • Ignition wires:  $44.87
  • Gasket set: $76.46
  • Head Gasket: 40.05
  • Used 1 piece Al. Oil pan w/pump: $100.00
  • Clutch disk: $98.00
  • Total cost int his area: $2436.04

Total rebuild cost: $4848.99

I am sure I missed a few things but something to think about here is that my crank, block, front cover, bell housing, pressure plate, engine mounts, flexible coupling, starter, aternator and a lot of other stuff was okay.  Any work or need to source new parts for any of those could easily have added another $2000 to the rebuild.  Wow, time to eBay some of my spare parts off to pay for part of this!! 


nose-new1Nose of my Sprint looks weird since the passenger headlight is closer.

cvnose2Laurences car is a little bulkier on the lower corners, kind of ‘jowly’.  Bumper is a lot straighter too.

sprint-booty-two1Nice backsides, again, similar shapes that when looked at closely are quite different.

sprint-booty1Both cars wear period plates.  I’m not sure if Laurences is YOM (year of manufacture) add on or original.  Mine’s original.


5 thoughts on “101 1300 21: sumday

  1. 0 Dear Matt,
    My 56 plates are YOM. Not as much history as yours.
    Plus, I don’t have a pedal pusher sticker…yet!

  2. Well done guys, they look great together, I know from my own Sprints that every panel & every curve is different from 750 to 101. The evolution of the species !!


  3. Thanks for the great info. You really help me with the 36 dcd carb. Anyways the car looks great. Makes me wanna start a project again.

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