101 1300 20: the home stretch

I drove the Sprint to work this morning, 29 miles one way in moderate 6:30am traffic. It still has some wrinkles to iron out but all in all it is pretty good. A 101 1300 has to be driven to be believed. I have been spoiled by 1750 power over the last 6 months in the Berlina and with the 1300 powered Sprint I was expecting a noticably slower car, but honestly, other than having to adjust from the ‘power anywhere’ torque curve of the 1750 to a tendancy to stumble below about 3000 rpm in the 1300, the 1300 holds its own and is turbine smooth.

Since my last report on this car I have done a lot of work but I didn’t have the camera so it didn’t get documented.

sprint-at-workHere it is in the parking lot at work. There is a hint of coolant under the nose so I’ll have to tighten the hose clamps when it cools down, but other than that, no problem.

sprint-engineI snapped this picture when I popped the hood to investigate the source of the coolant drip. Ian mailed me this valve cover to replace the cracked original. Looks good, Thanks Ian!

As can be seen in the picture above, I still need an aircleaner for the 60’s Solex. Anyone have a cheapo pancake filter that will fit this thing?

101 Sprint air cleanerAn air filter like this would be ideal!

Lets see, what did I do over the last week to make this car drive-to-work-able?

  • Got the exhaust pipe welded up.
  • Changed the oil- 40 weight this time.
  • Re-tightened all the drive line bolts.
  • Installed all the cotter pins I left off the clutch and e-brake linkages.
  • Bought and installed the correct bolt for the shift lever (no more 30 degrees of freedom).
  • Cleaned up and installed the valve cover Ian sent me.
  • Other stuff I can’t think of right now because it’s Monday morning.

What’s left? Well, the oil pressure continues to be low once it has warmed up. Cold it is about half gauge at idle -50psi if you believe such things, and as it warms up driving along at 3500 rpm it drops slowly to about 25 – 30 psi. When I pull up to a stop after a long run it drops to just above zero.

My options seem to be: rebuild/replace the 101 pump, adapt a 105/115 pump to work with the 101 pan or use an Alfetta pump/pan. I’ll be bothering my long-suffering local experts over the next few days to try and identify the best rather than easiest remedy.

While this is going on I will be tackling little jobs like making the wipers, heater and tail lights work. Fun.

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8 thoughts on “101 1300 20: the home stretch

  1. Excellent. I’ve been waiting eagerly for this post.

    Congrats. Indeed, there is nothing quite like the sound of a 1300 on the freeway. I highly recommend headers, too.


  2. Glad you could use the cam cover, you’re welcome. The pancake air cleaner you have a photo of I have only seen on Euro cars, never here in the States. I have the right air cleaner for the car, but don’t think I want to part with it. They’re not hard to find though. As to the oil pressure, “trust the force Luke” Eyetalian gauges are frequently liars. You could fit a Murrican gauge to verify your true pressure. If it is indeed low, you could likely still obtain a new pump, 1600 or 1300. Try AFRA
    You DID verify that all the oil passage plugs were installed in the crankshaft I’m sure.

  3. Another oil pump option is to have Gordon Raymond rebuild it for you. He can machine it to accept 2 liter gears and he will lap everything for tight tolerances. Not the cheapest option, but you won’t have any worries about oil pressure. This is the route that I went with on my 1750 motor: a 101 normale pump and sump with the 2L gears.

  4. Yes, Matt, congrats on getting your Sprint roadable after all the work you’ve put in. I too was pleasantly surprised at how tractable the basic 1300 was. I have the exact same oil press. indications you do. Because it readily pops up to 50-55 psi from less than 10 at idle makes me think the pump is putting out its rated pressure and there are no blown seals etc. I’ve also seen at least 4 Normale air boxes on ebay in the last 3 weeks. Good luck!

  5. Hi Matt, congrats on getting the sprint on the road,I keep a look at your site always, I am also getting my first short rides on the road,(playing with the timing) my readings of oil presure have been always also like yours (from 50-55 at idle cold to almost at 0 at idle after time running),I have tought at times that rather than the pump the long line with the flexible hose has to do with it.
    Hope you keep having a good time!

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