Market 105: Sprint Special 00339, best project yet!

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00339, engine 00120*00611. This car is available right now from The Car Nut in Georgia. The seller says the price depends on where he is in the restoration ($45,000 as of 4/8/09, 5:42 pm) when a buyer appears which is practical. It looks to me like all that is really left to do is the clean assembly that can seem to take forever but is generally regarded as fun. The body looks to have been finished to a very high standard and silver is a good color for SS’s, as evidenced also in Market 18.

ss 339 front WIPWork in Progress. Those wheels are odd, but the seller indicates originals with new caps are included. If this car is as nice in person as the pictures, this is a great deal.

ss 339 rear WIPThis gives a good view of the shine and panel fit. Note there are two extra holes in the back panel for back-up lights. I’d have been tempted to fill those during the bodywork stage, but as seen below the installed lights look cool.

ss 339 rear WIPAnd here we are with the brightwork installed. The reverse lights blend in with the silver background nicely. Bumper, spear and badge fit is excellent.

SS 339 dash The dash coming together. Steering wheel, pedal box and gauges look restored but are original. Someday I’ll get here…

ss 339 engine WIPEngine compartment is really nice. These cars usually had black firewall and inner fenders etc, but in body color it really looks clean. Intake manifold and head are correct 101 1300 items. I’d rather see (and hear) the stock plenum and airbox than these trumpets, but they are included so the new owner can do as they wish.

SS 339 suspensionSuspension is all very clean, not overly done, but no corners cut either. I like the dull dark silver on the springs. If my SS comes out anywhere near this nice I will be happy.

ss 339 underThis all looks like the right amount of care has been taken on the right things. A few scrapes in the new paint are understandable. 101 1300 Veloce oil pan pokes through. Exhaust looks to be polished stainless. It’s a relief to see some imperfections in the underside of the frame rails. I’ll have to smooth mine out when I do the body on my SS so I get the extra point at the concours.

SS 339 topviewHere’s a period ‘just back from paint’ view. SS’s are spectacular from this angle.

ss 339 as foundThis is probably a 25 year old picture. Not much different than what I am working with these days. Is that a can of beer on the wall?

If I had the current $45,000 asking this is the SS I would buy. It’s an early car with the correct engine and loads of documentation of work done to a stunning standard. If this car interests you I suggest you act fast, this is a great deal on a very nice, no excuses car. I expect this car will be headed off to Europe any day as it is listed on Anamera.


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