Market 103: 10123*379585 Spider project

Update 4/14/09: Car sold for $9211 with 21 bidders not a bad result for the seller and depending on what the buyer wants, probably a good deal for them too.

Giulia Spider 10123*379585. This car is available right now on eBay out of San Luis Obispo with a low starting big and hopefully a reasonable reserve. These late 1600 Spiders were a last-ditch effort by Alfa and Pininfarina who was tooling up for the 105 Spider launch. While they lack some of the detail charm of their earlier siblings, they are probably the most easy going on the road due to the 1600 single carb engine, disk brakes and 5 speed.

379585 noseChrome and all looks smart. The hood gap is even all the way around and the paint has good shine.

spider 379585 rear cornerPaint does look good and the body seems to fit together well. Too often the doors and lids fit very poorly after a repaint due to a lack of understanding of how the mounts, hinges and latches work.

Auction reads: “You are bidding on a 1965 Alfa Romeo. This is a car that I have known for many years and is one that just does not seem to get finished. The paint is very nice and is the original color for the vehicle. The floors have been patched due to rust and there has also been repairs made to the sills due to rust. The car does run and drive and starts first time. With a little bit of work this car can be a great driver for someone. The car is missing the front seats, convertible top frame, chrome for the top of the dash and the eyebrows. There may be other small pieces missing but that is what we could find. The car does come with a new windshield and does have new tires installed. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.”

spider 379585 engineEngine compartment is unremarkable and I suspect it was rattle-canned black at the same time as the underside. Weber DGV is a nice upgrade, but effort should be made to use the complicated stock air cleaner.

spider 379585 interiorI’m not a fan of red piping and this is just plain unsightly with that 3/4 inch diameter stuff. Dash, steering wheel, knobs etc look okay. Make sure you get the rear view mirror, dash edging, seats and seat tracks. All hard to find stuff in decent condition.

SPider 379585 door panel

Door panel is horrible. These are available from several sources and inexpensive. Why would you do this? Door handle is an aftermarket beefed-up style made to satisfy ham-fisted owners who refused to adjust and lubricate their door mechanisms. This would all have to be changed if I bought this car.

spider 379585 rust repairRust repair is adequate to keep your feet off the ground and support the seat rails, but it looks like they just layed new metal over the rusted old metal which creates a moisture trap and means eventually it will have to be repaired again. There’s also a lot of surface rust on the driveshaft and suspension components. Plan on having all this apart for new rubber parts if you want to drive this with any regularity.

Those who know what goes into a decent restoration and understand the finer points of Alfa’s of this vintage will likely look at the pictures of this car and decide too much needs to be redone to be done well and will stay away. This car is probably right for someone who doesn’t know or care about originality and quality of workmanship so long as the end product is inexpensive, looks okay from 10 feet away, can be driven to get a jug of cheap wine once in a while and can be taken to the local old car meets where its shiny red paint and sexy lines result in a lot of compliments from the guys with low mileage Fieros and V8 powered replicas of English roadsters that for some reason go for just as much as the real thing.


3 thoughts on “Market 103: 10123*379585 Spider project

  1. Having just repaired a floor panel on my ti, I can see the appeal of this slap and weld fix. But yeah, it won’t be fixed for long.

  2. I’m impressed :) I found your site on Yahoo poking around for something totally unrelated- now I’m gonna need to go back and go the archives! So much for my free time this morning, but this was a truly awesome find

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