Recession proof advertising… (bid) stimulus package

I forgot my camera with pictures of me struggling to install the transmission in the Sprint so I guess another installment of eBay auctions featuring girlfriends, wives, daughters and paid models is in order. Someone sent me a link to a website dedicated to the topic but I couldn’t find it this morning. Maybe it got shut down? Anyway, as usual, don’t shoot the messenger.

d8bc_1This is very wholesome. Someones cute girlfriend or daughter who happened to be on hand when the General was being photographed. I love the big glasses and sneakers.

5f7b_3Someone should have talked him down.

971f_1This is one of my favorites as she is right in the middle of all possible relationships. Could be daughter/girlfriend/wife/model/friend, and best of all she has a ‘This is so dumb’ look on her face.

5e8b_1I was struck by the similarity of composition between this and the last picture. Something kind of young Streisand about her.

tammy20winters2021I include 2 pictures from this one because with the purchase of this car you get a 1 year pass to Tammy’s “website”.

tammy20winters203I think this is about as far as you can take it and still have eBays blessing. Obviously hellrazor understands the, what is this, a Firebird? buyer. I bet the shots they couldn’t use on eBay are on her “website”.

b245_3And a two-fer forwarded to me by Graham, who was obviously doing research for when he sells his bug.

d10c_12Wanna Blower? (sorry, couldn’t resist)… I think this one has been upgraded with modern air-bags.

It’s sad, but I have enough of these kind of pictures saved to do a weekly post like this. I have yet to find a Giulietta thus accessorized, but some day it will happen.

Here’s the first installment if you want to see some more ladies.


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