101 1300 18: more slow progress

Even though I haven’t mentioned it in a while I am continuing on with the Sprint. This Saturday I got back around to the Weber vacuum leak work. I installed the DCD again with the newly lapped mounting base and hooked it all back up, the car still refused to idle and runs rougher than it should off idle. Needing a reality check I decided to install the Solex that came with my old TI. It had been off the road for several years and looked bad on the outside but it was clean on the inside and I knew it worked since I drove the TI with this carb installed for 20,000 or more miles.

sprint-solexThe Solex bolted into place. It’s hard to see but the PO spray painted the carb silver, screws, washers, springs, levers and all.

I installed the carb first without the heat isolation block because I wouldn’t have to adjust the linkage. I turned the key and vroom it started up and settled down to a slightly fast idle. It would rev up and then settle right back down to an idle. Once it warmed up it didn’t want to run because the carb got hot along with everything else so I installed the isolation block, lengthened the linkage and went out for a test drive. The Solex was on a 105 1300 with the same cams and I don’t know if that matters, but the Sprint ran perfectly except for a slipping clutch. I guess I’ll be running the Solex for now.

linkageA look at the linkage I have been fussing with. The bends are to clear the upper A arm mount nut. Yes there is overspray on stuff and it looks a little nasty. I just want this thing back on the road.

Once I concluded that the Solex was going to do the trick to cure the running problems I set to and worked on the clutch adjustment. With about 1/4″ of free play at the pedal the clutch still broke free when the engine came on the cam and started making power. I rummaged around and found my collection of clutch disks and wouldn’t you know it I installed the wrong disk. I know, what am I keeping used clutch disks that are worn out around for? I know you can reline them and I am thinking it might be worth trying out a relined clutch disk at some point. Lesson learned, the old disk is going in the trash and a new disk is going in the car.

The idea of pulling the transmission was horrible, but it would weigh on me every day it waited to be done, so I decided it was going to be fixed this week, early this week. I bought a new clutch disk from Glenn on Saturday afternoon (and then bought a new couch) and made plans to at least pull the clutch out on Sunday morning. It took two and a half hours and my arms are still sore, but the old clutch is out and the new one is ready to be installed tonight and everything will go back together and hopefully I can get the exhaust welded up next Saturday morning. I am more than ready for this rebuild to be done!

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