Today I’m 101 200 603 72,434

The careful reader will know that the 101 is for the number of Market reports I’ve written. I suppose the same reader could guess that 200 is the total number of posts I’ve written for this blog. 603 is the most page views I’ve had in a day, there is no average to be seen, but I would guess around 275. 72,434 is my total visitors, doubtful if they are unique.

What good have I done? Not sure. I’ve been tempted to write a market wrap up but that sounds like a lot of work, maybe at the end of a year. I have this crazy idea that I could develop a Giulietta value calulator based on actual sale prices now that I have a pretty good catalog of auction results.  I’ve gotten a lot of work done on my Sprint, enjoyed the daily commute company of a fine Berlina and gathered a lot of good parts for my SS project. Through all these I’ve had you here to keep me honest and on track. Thanks!

Oh, and check out my new ‘Production and Register’ page. I think the format has stabilized now that I have accepted it has to be edited in HTML.  If your car’s not there drop me a line!

threeqsssRandom period SS photo to fulfill be word-to-photo quota.

223, this is the number of comments I’ve received. I’d be really thankful if you all cared to chime in more. I started the whole ‘market’ aspect of the blog hoping my write up, combined with insightful comments would guide the reader/future Giulietta owner because collectively (and in a lot of cases singularly) you all know a lot more than me. WordPress added functionality allowing me and others to respond to comments.

And on the comment front, how can I improve this blog? I’ve spent a LOT of time writing these posts and I notice some get more readers than others, is there something that I could do to make things interesting?

municipioThere was a time…

And last, I have spent a lot of good money on and written about the installation of a lot of parts from a lot of different suppliers. Any of you car to work out a deal with me to get parts at a discount in exchange for press time? I’m not looking for handouts or to sell out, just for reciprocation for what I’ve already done.

normal_alfa_romeo-c_52_disco_volante_2000_spider_1952_800x600_wallpaper_01This is kind of neat… a Disco Volante?  Yet another picture I saved but don’t remeber the source of. 

Alright, enough about me. I’ll read through your comments and try and make the blog more interesting/appropriate/fun. Here’s to another 100 posts! Oh yeah, and I am looking to buy an early Sprint project, the earlier the better if a Giulietta Promiscua doesn’t appear.

Yes, I know, my 1 year is coming up fast…


3 thoughts on “Today I’m 101 200 603 72,434

  1. Depends on how strict you want to keep your mission, but how about occasional updates on the non-giuliettas? How about a feature on the Corona? Okay, maybe I’m joking a little there…

    For local cars, maybe checking them out in-person and reporting would add value for some of your other readers.

    And more updates on the SS, it’d be cool to see that project get more blog-time.

  2. 1958 SVC #06482 is in Georgia, USA. It has been in a barn since the early 1970s, and I will be bringing it to Warrenton, GA in June! Thanks for the great website, I think I’ve looked at every page here!

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