Market 101: From the endless supply of Spider projects 1495*04751…

Update 3/30/09: This car endded with 2 bids at $4000 reserve not met.  I think a few more revealing pictures (underside, floors etc) and a clear statement about the engine (numbers, completeness and condition) would see this car get bid up a little higher. 

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*04751.  This car is on eBay right now out of Pittsburg PA and represents a fairly average Spider project considering what’s gone through eBay the last year.  Seller states that the buyer has a choice of engines, either a dry sump (?) 00551*02329 or one that is “more original”.  As always I would want a lot more pictures, or to make a personal visit before I committed to buy, but it’s pretty clear this car is incomplete and needs work done to everything.  On the bright side you end up with a rare  early Giulietta Spider when you’re done.

66c3_3The pictures certainly don’t disappoint if you come here to gawk in that ‘watching a car crash happen’ sort of way.  Nose panel isn’t too bad, having a seemingly unmolested ‘bump’ to receive the top center of the grill.

872c_3I suppose you could leave the doors off and roll Dunebuggy style, of course you’d have to remove the windshield and jack the rear end up.  Next thing you know you’re like Wile E Coyote when he discover he’s overshot the cliff by 10 feet.  From what I can see (which isn’t much) the rockers aren’t horribly rotten.  Black is handsome on these cars. 

bpliqcgkkgrhgookiyejllmfcshbjyu-kvpg_3Isn’t there some argument about when this particular style of rear license plate light was used?  These are the bases for the good tail light style.  I would guess by the cap that it has a gas tank.

8ee2_3Sweet wood dash.  Not sure why paisley or geometric design contact paper never took off as a dash fascia option.  Hmmm.  Steering wheel appears uncracked and all the little bits you would have to track down are present and hey, the floors aren’t obviously missing.  Good deal.

bpli5ugwkkgrhgookjqejllmvowobjyvbf5w_3I’ve seen a lot of wheels in this auction, this would I think make 8.  Doors have wing window option.  Is it just me or are some of these parts not meant for a Giulietta Spider.  Drive shaft should have a universal joint right before the differential and that suspension upright has a fairly modern looking disk brake caliper.

a15b_3That could be the 9thwheel.  I think there may be some more parts that originally hung out with the 00551 engine  the buyer has the option of choosing.  Trunk lid looks nice.

This auction was started at $4000.  If it’s not rusty that would be a realistic starting point, but I only see a little evidence to support the rust free claim.    I suspect the auction will end with one bid placed, reserve not met and maybe the seller will get serious about showing the condition of the car and providing an inventory of parts.  I am just happy it didn’t go to the crusher 20 years ago!


2 thoughts on “Market 101: From the endless supply of Spider projects 1495*04751…

  1. Love that wood grain dash. Nothing like contact paper to add that sweet distinguishing touch. ;-) (It’s been so long I don’t remember well (got it in the 80’s), but I could swear my ’58 Spider had that stuck on the dash as well… were the dealers doing that?)

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