Market 100: Late Spider project

Update 3/30/09: Auction ended with 13 bids and a closing price of $4250, reserve not met.  Considering the seller paid $1500 for it and is going for a quick flip, I would think this would be a perfectly acceptible price.  Oh well, look for this car to reappear on eBay and elsewhere until either the seller reconsiders how much they should take for it or someone who wants this exact car shows up.

Giulia Spider 101.23 AR392006, Engine 00112*15462. Car should probably be 379206. This car is on eBay right now at about $2700 with 2 days to go and with an asking price of $7000. The seller Fat Dog frequently sells Alfa and other vintage parts so he knows his wares somewhat. There is a Fat Dog in Berkeley that owns a guitar shop, anyone know why a guy would call himself Fat Dog? Is it a Grateful Dead song reference?

bo6romqbmkkgrhgoh-csejlllzpb1bjdzhdz5_3Lookin’ not so good. Well, all things considered and for the right money this could be a decent place to start your quest to own a Giulia Spider, but with less rusty, near-to-running projects seemingly abounding these days and less than $10K, why not spend a little more and save yourself a lot of work. I know, there is a whole class of Alfa guy who prides themselves on bringing cars back, and for those guys this is perfect.

bo6rntgwkkgrhgoh-ccejlll4lrpbjdzcibi_3Paint is not a bad color for one of these, better than the usual red. Seller states some of the visibly missing parts are included, excluding bumpers.

bo6steb2kkgrhgoh-d4ejllle-etbjd5tb6_3Description indicates the rockers were replaced with bolt on items at some point. I don’t see evidence here. This looks bad but the car could be driven with this left alone.

1218_3Floors need some attention for the car to be safe, but not a lot. This is a good candidate to just drop whatever engine will fit that works, do the brakes, get some tires and go for it.

Auction text verbatim: ”

1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider “Project car”

This is a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spider Normale project car Model #10123 that has been stored in a dry barn for approximately 27 years. The body/chassis are in fairly good condition though will still require a good amount of work if you want a show car but just some patching if you just plan to drive it! The floor pans are original but have been patched and reinforced at some point. The area that needs immediate attention is the drivers side footwell where an approx. 2″x2″ hole has rusted through. The floor pans under the seats look good enough that I thought they were replaced but on further inspection we noticed that the factory spot welds are still present. The previous owner added approx. 1/4″ thick plate sections for seat belt mounting. The rockers were also done and are mostly solid on the outside though I have yet to poke a few holes and look inside. Please note that whoever re-did these rockers bolted the lower flanges together, which I guess makes it easier to clean out and rustproof, but looks a bit odd! The only underside rust though other than the footwell hole is the sheet metal extending from the forward jack points which is non-structural and should be a reasonably easy fix. The overall structure of the car is very solid with nice even door gaps.

The drive train is out of the car, but I have a 1600 engine with the right code (AR00112*15462) for this model and year that came with it so it could be the original. The head has a 105 code on it (10500*01500*00) but it seems that the later 101 series cars used 105 heads. It appears that I have most of the parts to complete this car that will be included with the purchase with a few exceptions like a front bumper, exhaust manifold and front pipe and air box. There are a few items such as the drive shaft that are included though not shown.
I talked to the previous owner who said that he thought that the motor had been in the process of being rebuilt when the car was shelved approx 25 years ago so I pulled the main caps and checked the bearings which look new so it seems plausible. I will post any further issues if they crop up as I complete the inspection of the motor. When I previously listed the car, it was noted that the motor was seized, but I have since freed it up and it turns over freely now!
The good points are as follows:

The body panels above the door sills are in descent shape, showing no evidence of any major crash damage with only some minor damage to the front.

Under the hood everything is mostly complete, though not installed with what could be the original motor.

The hood, trunk lid and doors are in good condition with a minimum of rust.

The dash is complete with a real nice steering wheel with the gauges, knobs, etc. in good physical shape though I can’t confirm or guarantee the functionality. I have a glove box lid and may have the hardware but have yet to find it.The dash itself has been covered in carpeting of some sort which I have removed but there is still some cleaning up to do.

The windshield and frame along with door glass are in good shape with only minor scuffing to the glass of the windshield. The frame does have some pitting in the chrome as does most of the hinges, rear bumper etc. Amazingly the seats are in usable condition. With a good cleaning you may be able to use them as is for a while though I am sure that the vinyl has dried some and the stuffing probably should be replaced.

I do not have a title for this car, but do have paperwork dating back to the ’70’s including a Bill Of Sale and previous NY State registrations! The top fram is in good shape.

The bad news:

As previously mentioned the drivers side footwell and forward jack ponts are in need of repair or replacement. The trunk pan is mostly there but did rust through where the battery holder is where some one riveted in some sheet metal to keep the battery from falling out. There is also a small hole on the drivers side. The front bumper is missing but the rear is in descent shape with the exception of being in need of re-chroming. The top and carpeting/mats are all shot and need to be replaced. The upper rear fender wells are starting to rust through and are in need of repair. The vinyl top is kind of rough and the rear window has disintegrated.

The unknown: Actual internal condition of the tranny and differential etc. Though it seems that motor was in the process of being rebuilt it should be disassembled and checked. Functional condition of electrical components.”

df5b_3Here’s the engine, stated number 00112*15462 makes sense for the number of the car compared to other Spiders of this vintage and is very likely original.

fbcd_3This is how they all seem to look on the underside. Kind of interesting view looking at the front grill from the inside, below the gas tank. Lot’s to do if you want to turn this into a nice car.

ead6_3Engine compartment might be the best part of the car since everything is where it goes with wires still hooked up etc. It looks like the pedal box with master cylinder is still present.

Another Spider that had a near death experience that needs a home. It’s too bad there are so many middle men out there pounding the pavement these days making it so the guy who is simply looking for a car has to pay an ‘I got there first’ tax. I guess the flip side of that is, the guy who wants the car as a project doesn’t have to wait forever for it to show up on the market. I think this is a $4000 – $5000 car based on some recent similar cars for sale.


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