Old for sale page

Everything has been SOLD.

The lists below are intended to help me find parts for my projects and pay for them. If you have any Sprint or SS parts for sale, a parts car or any related items for sale you want to add to this list, please contact me!


I tend to be philanthropic in my sales so if I have a part you need tell me about your project and I’ll probably give you a good deal!

Cars For Sale

1961 Giulietta SS 00413 project. Sold! This is my car. Not as officially for sale as it was a couple of months ago, but I still would consider selling if the money was right. I have all glass, doubles of most trim, lots of new parts and as can be seen in the blog, a lot of work has been done. Still no 00120 engine but I’ve found an 00121 and some others that would work. Includes recently sourced full seats, extra wiring harness, pair of ready to go 40DCOE2’s and many extras.

cropped-1_23_ssfront.jpgYes it looks bad, no it’s not that bad.

intakeThis probably represents about $1500 to the right person. Correct matched set of 40DCOE2’s and the elusive tapered 101 Veloce manifold.

Engine bottom end is currently (as of 10/27/09) being assembled with .010 over main and rod bearings, new rings and timing chains. Head was rebuilt by Norman Racing Group (about $1500 including skim, new seats, valves, springs etc). Includes 00120 Veloce oil pan, correct 101 intake manifold, headers etc. Transmission is 101 unit with lightened gear set and all new synchro’s, bearings etc by Merritt Carden. I imagine the drive train will be worth $10k when done.

img_4942Some of the bits ready to go on.

Accepting reasonable offers on the SS. It will go up as work is done and parts gathered. Recently sourced parts include Marelli wiper motor, correct wiper arm set. Some nice aspects of the car: nicest original Carello headlight rings I’ve seen, nicest original SS gauges I’ve seen, lots of great parts as can be seen in the picture above. I recently (late October) got the brake shoes relined, a few rare Veloce parts for it AND a blank 101 Veloce replacement block with good crank and head so current price is about $21,500.

For Sale:

SS Parts in San Diego:

Rear Window with trim, Very nice shape, offers.

photoHere is the rear window beside a sadly cracked Windshield. I have the windshield and may get some polycarbonate or lexan (or whatever the accepted plastic is for racing) copies made up by an aircraft windshield place.

Giulietta SS Aluminum Hood from Bertone #382. Straight, little corrosion. See picture below. Offers

Giulietta SS trunk also from Bertone #382. Clean and straight. Offers.

photo3Here is the hood and trunk. I should buy these but don’t have limitless storage.

SS parts I have in my area:

SS seat bottoms. No rails. Surface rust. Get you half way there.

Giulia SS defroster vent set. Very rare part in good shape. $200 the set.



Item 1: 101 Giulietta Sprint Drivers door. Straight with very little rust. Trim, hinge, window and window winder/door latch mechanisms are present. $250 obo.

Item 2: 101 Giulietta Sprint passenger door in decent condition with most trim, window winder mechanism, no interior trim or handles, no window, no rust. $150.

Item 3: Trunk lid. Has small dent. $150.

Item 4: Sprint rear glass, nice. $150.

Item 5: 101 pedal box with clutch pedal. No corrosion. $50.

Item 6: Throttle linkage crossbar with 1 aluminum firewall mount. $40.

Item 7: 101 Sprint Front fender top repair panels left and right . $125.

Item 10: Early down draft manifold, dual throat, thermostat in radiator hose type. No linkage, two carb studs gone. $50.



Trade (or sell):

I complete set 750 Spider inside door pull handles. Will trade for Sprint items. $50. Sold!


Front bumper complete or pieces there-of.

Dash mounted rear view mirror -same as Giulietta Sprint.

Grill Heart.

Original Carello tail light lenses, 2 red, 2 amber, four red, whatever.

Veloce Aluminum plenum for firewall mounted airbox

Radiator -this is an SS specific part.

Door button set.

Door opening inside surround trim.

SOLD: Everything below this line has been sold.

SOLD: 1958 SV 1493E0617: I have the original 750 Veloce block w/caps and front cover for it (1315*31573). It currently has a fresh, expensively built 1750. Car is mechanically sound. I have a $14,500 receipt from a local highly regarded specialist for all the work. Minor rust repairs have been completed to trunk floor and floor. I just bought a 101 hood for it to replace the odd item in the pictures. Car is straight and presentable in a rough and ready sort of way. Most of the white paint is original. Interior is average, seats are incorrect Fiat items. Comes with new Italian made headliner and front and rear window gaskets. All badging and brightwork is original and looks good. Car currently has normale gauges installed but I have the Veloce units, they are apart and ready for new text rings. SOLD!

SOLD: 1962 Giulietta Spider AR370645. My car. Now actively for sale. Needs new trunk floor and some light floor patches. Rockers are solid. I just bought a bunch of parts for it including windshield. Doesn’t come with Spider seats (well, about 70% of one), but does come with a set of perfect MGB seats that look good.

giulietta spider AT LAST!!!Nose is a little banged up too!

Giulietta SS/SZ gauge set. Chrome rings are nice, inserts are not yellowed, look almost new, some moisture discoloration on glass needs to be cleaned up. SOLD! the set.

Sprint or Spider tri-gauge, early style, works, insert ring is lightly yellowed. $SOLD.

10112-exhaustItem 8: 10112 exhaust manifold, nice! $80. SOLD!

Veloce emergency brake set-up I think it’s complete from brake plates to the bracket that mounts to the body. Will inventory and post pictures later. Sold!

Sprint rear window surround trim. $200. Sold.

101 Sprint Veloce trunk lid. $100. Sold.

105 5 speed transmission with reverse lockout. $150. SOLD!

Sprint Veloce or SS gas tank with extra capacity, requires Veloce rear brakes, no rust, could be used as is but has dents. $400. SOLD!

Lot of 3 shoe drum brake parts including 1 complete Destro unit, 1 mostly complete Destro unit missing only brake lines and 1 NOS Sinestro Drum, never on a car. The 2 Destro units are crusty and still assembled. A good starting point for your Veloce conversion. Make offer.

The NOS drum.

The pair.


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