Market 97: Very nice 750F Spider Veloce

Update 3/24/09: Auction ended at $49,999 with 43 bids.  This is about what I thought it would do.  Apparently the economic rollercoaster isn’t confusing buyers of fine cars that are likely to appreciate or at least hold their value.  I wonder where this car will go?  Germany?  Belgium?  Japan?  Dubai?  Berkeley?  I hope the latter.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 1495F04358, Engine 1315*31402. This car is on eBay right now out of Santa Clara Ca. These early 750 Spider Veloce’s are the Spider to get if you can find one and as always, if you can find a nice original it’s the one to get, if not, get a no excuses restored car like this.

bowniqmkkgrhgookjgejllmyuwjbjumv2e2ow_3I don’t usually have black come to mind when I think of a Giulietta Spider, but I have seen a lot of local cars in black over the last few years and I think going forward I will always think of them in black.

6cd4_3I don’t see anything to fault. Trim, paintwork and everything in between looks fantastic.

288c_3Black plate California cars invoke memories of summers past and this car is no different, though my summers past memories are of my 65 Mustang Fastback in 1987…

bowpqb2kkgrhgookj0ejllmrc54bjumwej1rw_3Stance of this car is perfect. These are the Lucas taillights common to lots of other cars of this era.

“1958 Alfa Romeo Short Wheelbase Giulietta Spider Veloce
Chassis No: AR 1495 F 04358

Engine No: AR 1315 . 31402

I purchased this car from its’ 3rd owner in 2007. It had sat in a garage in Northern California since it was last registered in 1967 and it is a “Black Plate”, California car. Many new parts were with the car that was being mechanically re-built when the PO lost interest in the project.

According to the e-mail received from the Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo regarding this chassis/motor combination, it originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce manufactured on the 27th June 1958 and sold on the 16th July 1958 to Hoffman Motor Car Co., NY. The body colour is black, with red or beige/grey interiors.

The car was found to be very complete and with few exceptions, very original. The engine was complete with the correct Weber 40DCO3 carbs and was rebuilt w/ new 1300 liner and piston set. Sometime in the cars’ past, a PO had 1600 cams installed and those are still in the engine. The starter was replaced w/ a Lucas from a Normale. Clutch, pressure plate and through out are also new. The generator/ regulator combination in the car is 1600 Alfa Bosch (the original Marelli gen/reg are available). The radiator fan is 1600 Alfa and I don’t have the original aluminum fan. Transmission and rear end were disassembled, inspected and re-assembled w/ new seals. Body was stripped to bare metal, engine bay, trunk, undercarriage and interior were black powder coated, and the body was finished in original black. Interior is faithfully redone based on the factory documentation and coverings as the car was found. All rubber is new, all chrome is redone and all painted members were stripped and repainted. The convertible top is a new Robbins stayfast canvas top.

The car has a clear California title and has about 100 miles on the clock since the rebuild. All mechanicals and electricals operate correctly. The engine runs very strong , starts and drives nicely. Original Borrani steel wheels were sand blasted, powder coated and fitted with correct 155×15 radial tires. Correct car jack and lug tool are present but the tool kit is missing. The original leather pouch and original owners manual are with the car. The steering wheel, although not original from the factory, is a period-correct, Nardi that was on the car. It is complete with a unique and correct horn/headlight button with Alfa insignia (Nardi wheel is a very early model that has a cork grip).

This is a no-excuses, restored, original Veloce. The combination is original, unique and quite striking. Car history is not clear as to the 1st owner but based on documents found in the car, 2nd owner purchased the car in Los Angeles in about 1959 when he was a college student at Cal Tech. I was able to contact him to confirm when he owned the car (he is currently a professor at MIT). He sold it to its 3rd owner in about 1964 who lived and drove the car in Northern California.”



bowriwb2kkgrhgookjiejllmyd13bjumwlbwvq_3I like this interior, has an SS/Sprint feel with the two-tone seats. Keeps the red from being overbearing.

bowsubgkkgrhgookjeejllms8hbjumwsggfq_31Truly no excuses here. Gauges (and everything else) look exquisite. I wonder where this Nardi steering wheel is from -I want one!


Email me if you see anything wrong in here besides the incorrect Voltage Regulator (I think). Note the reflection of the brake fluid canister in the underhood paint. Awesome.

bo1cmwbgkkgrhgooki4ejllm3y5bjungjlr7g_3Rebound straps look like sheetmetal strips with rubber added where imprtant. Originals are beige canvas type bonded items with a neat look. Very clean underbelly on this car.

2f80_3Another clean underside shot. That differential housing is a work of art.

There are a few of these cars this nice around and believe it or not, a few nicer. At the time of writing this car is $25,100. I can’t see it selling for less than $50,000 and I am not sure todays economy would support a $50,000 bid. We shall see.

Alas, I’m starting to want a Spider.


2 thoughts on “Market 97: Very nice 750F Spider Veloce

  1. The metal limit straps are correct for many of the 750’s. My ’58 normale came with them, but one had snapped. They are known for breaking and nobody makes replacements that I know of. I replaced them with the canvas type, which is a common upgrade and safer.

  2. I restored this car between Mar 2007 and June 2008…had a few setbacks during the journey but I sent it off to a new home yesterday (4/4/09). The steering wheel is a very early Nardi w/ a cork grip covered in leather…cool and very rare. The color combo is per the factory….matching engine/chassis nos. and yes, the Bosch generator and regulator are not original but they won’t leave you stranded on the side of the road!

    Doug in Santa Clara

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