Market 96: Confused Spider in So Cal

Update 3/19/09: Car received 2 bids and with the reserve not met the auction was pulled in the 11th hour. 

Giulia Spider 101.23 AR379169, Engine AR00536*07055 (not original). The eBay auction says 1965 Normale/Veloce and it is in about that order, a Normale with a Veloce engine and trunk badge from our friends at Sports Car LA. black plate, no rust, odd color and a $9500 starting bid.

used-1965-alfa_romeo-giulia-normale__slash___veloce-6818-3921364-3-640Looks like an honest Spider just how you used to find them.

used-1965-alfa_romeo-giulia-normale__slash___veloce-6818-3921364-5-640Wheels are from a 105 of some sort. The paint is straight out of the 70’s and would probably clean up okay.

used-1965-alfa_romeo-giulia-normale__slash___veloce-6818-3921364-6-640Rvv099 is a good plate. Bumpers not too bad.

used-1965-alfa_romeo-giulia-normale__slash___veloce-6818-3921364-9-640Tail light lenses look a little cloudy as does the rear window.

used-1965-alfa_romeo-giulia-normale__slash___veloce-6818-3921364-11-640I guess it’s safe to assume it was white. Steering wheel looks really good.

used-1965-alfa_romeo-giulia-normale__slash___veloce-6818-3921364-19-640Here is the engine, from a GT Veloce by the prefix. This car also needs the correct hard to find airbox.

used-1965-alfa_romeo-giulia-normale__slash___veloce-6818-3921364-20-640Having painted the engine compartment and trunk black but leaving the interior white and painting the outside green means if you want to make it look good everything has to be painted unless you go with white.

used-1965-alfa_romeo-giulia-normale__slash___veloce-6818-3921364-16-640Trunk with mat in place. Auction text says theres some trunk rust and that’s it. I would be surprised to find that so, but you don’t buy a car like this from far away unless you’re prepared to be disappointed.

There you have it, another Spider to lavish time money and love on. Will it sell for $9500? I doubt it today, but once upon a not too long ago time it would have easily.


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