1495*00002 Bertone Spider prototype

This friendly looking chap is Spider 1495*00002, the first of two Giulietta Spider prototypes designed by Scaglione and built by Bertone. The top two pictures of it are from the mid 1970’s when it was in the Bobcor showroom that I found on google images, not sure who’s they are but would love to hear from the photographer.

It is said that Alfa deemed the design a little too futuristic for their clientele and Bertone went back to the drawing board and 1495*00004 emerged. Can you imagine if this car made regular production? I would have called it the Spider Speciale and fitted it with a Veloce kit. Alas what could have been…

bertone-proto_04-75-or-76-bobcor1Strong personality of Scaglione shows through and ques from cousins the BAT cars, Sportiva and SS can be seen. Also evident is front trim and headlight treatments destined for a home on the Duetto.

bertone-proto_05-75-or-76-bobcor2Baby’s got back! I saw this car at Pebble beach a few years ago and I can tell you it is like a little bar of soap. Dig the tail lights and fuel filler placement.

An advertisement appeared in a New York area newspaper sometime before it appeared at Bobcor. One responder snapped the pictures below but decided against purchase for some reason. I’d love to hear from whoever took these pictures, I believe they were on the Alfa BB. I need to start taking clearer notes. I wonder what engine and Bertone body number this car has.

bertone-proto_03-mid-70sLooks like the headers are on the passenger floor. I like the wheel. Ashtray, control knobs and gauges look like Sprint items. Gear shift lever is not very ergonomically positioned right now.

bertone20proto_01I see a late 60’s BWA rim in the background and that looks like a 69 Spider barely visible in the bottom corner. I am going to guess the engine is out by the high stance, which would explain the odd shift lever angle.

bertone-proto_02-mid-70sNo, that’s a Kamm tail Spider beside it, so this is from 71 or later. Perhaps Bobcor got it just after these were taken. I like the Sprint license plate airplane, I wonder if it’s the aluminum Veloce version.

If you have anything to add to this please comment. I have many books with this car but would like to hear about personal interactions with it. I obviously have lots more pictures of this car but these are the only from this era of its life. Neat stuff this car. I should do a chronological year by year post of Scaglione designs to see where this thing fits in.


2 thoughts on “1495*00002 Bertone Spider prototype

  1. Interesting! Very aggressive design, especially compared to the delicate, almost fragile look of the Duetto. You can see the ancestry a lot more in this car, too.

  2. Don’t know if anyone else has responded to this thread. The car is discussed at length on the AlfaBB.com. Bobcor didn’t actually own the car. It was supposed to be traded for a hot street 2000 Spider. The deal never went through, so the owner took it away and had it painted and a Sprint Veloce engine installed. We did more work to it and stored it for the owner for about 20 years. It has since been sold to Switzerland and occasionally shows up in pictures on the web.
    Alfas Unlimited

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