Giulietta Promiscua or Weekendia Wagon wanted

I’m just throwing this out there.  I want to buy a Giulietta Promiscua or Weekendia station wagon.  I realize not many of these were made and I realize if  do find one it will be in outer Mongolia, but I want one none-the-less.    I would be willing to trade my SS up or down for one.

giulietta-2I found this picture somewhere on someones blog.  If I saw this on a trailer headed some where when I was on the way to my best friends wedding I’d be late for the wedding.  This I believe is the Colli version, the Promiscua.

alfa20romeo20boneschi20weekendinaThis is the Boneschi Weekendia version of the Giulietta wagon.  I think this picture came from a website belonging to the auto club of Sardegna, but I have seen it else where too. 

giulietta_colli_davanti_sinistraI think this is another Weekendia.  I’m not sure how the total production run breaks down between Colli and Boneschi.  I like the two-tone roof.

giulietta_promiscua_dietro_sinistraSame car as above from behind (I assume).  I know, it looks a lot like a Volvo Amazon wagon…

giulietta_colliLooks like someone grafted a BMW or more appropriately an ISO Isetta door on the back.  There is a 1 in 91 chance that this car here is the same as the one above. 

So you just read this blog post and you have, or someone you know has a rusty crusty Giulietta Promiscua Stationwagon in the barn.  Drop me a line at sprints @ giuliettas . com.  Finder fee paid, no distance to far to travel.  Oh, and if you instead have a Giulia Promiscua (see below), well, I suppose I could live with one of those instead, but I might have to change the focus of my blog.

400_colliSuper (or is it TI?) based Colli wagon.  I think the ones with windows are Super based.

Oh, and incase you are like, shoot, all I have is this lousy 1969 1750 Berlina based promiscua  station wagon (see below) well, even that might fit the bill.

1750The 1750 Berlina based wagon.  I’ve seen these as ambulances and trucks too.






9 thoughts on “Giulietta Promiscua or Weekendia Wagon wanted

  1. Count me in if you find a package deal!

    Not positive but I think that’s a TI wagon — lack of lower body trim and smaller bumperettes… Also look like the earlier wheels. Could be wrong though.

  2. You’re crazy. And yes, that’s coming from a guy that thought buying a beta sedan is a good idea.

    Um, how about that Zat 164 wagon? Close enough?

    • My Alfa interest at this point is low for anything needing a smog check AND that’s less than $200K. The ’04 325TI scratches the wagon itch at this point.

    • Good to hear from you Shaun. I hear you’re not signed up for the Snowball. We are maybe doing day two since the movie Steph worked on premiers that Sat night.

  3. Steph would rather do a movie premier than the Snowball? Exactly what kind of movie is this? “Promiscua Does Padua?”

    I’ve been traveling to distant exotic places, like Ohio, and so am late getting my entry in. But I am posting it today, and still hoping to go on the Snowball.

  4. i am a owner of one of 91 examples of the COLLI PROMISCUA. its nice that the car have so many fans! This year i drive with the car in Munich, and i enjoy it!!
    Greetings Helli

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