Market #93: 65 Giulia SS in Italy

This Giulia Sprint Speciale is available right now in Italy and is listed on Anamera and Autoclassic. No numbers are mentioned as usual for Italian ads but we can admire it just the same. Autoclassic’s website is worth a look as they have a group of very interesting Fiat’s and other Italian jewelry on offer.

db153dd4a9Very very classy in white with chrome accents. I think I underestimate how cool these cars look in white. This example is keeping company with some serious cars here.

70779f7783Lots of red and white to be seen here. The Italians really get it right when they put their mind to do something right. From the pictures it looks like this car has been done right. It’s a huge amount of work to get the trim all lined up as well as you can see here.

e200fb335aFish-eye lens makes the princes proboscis even longer (I know it’s the back, but it does look longer than usual).

b0a5f24d36Black plate Italian car, TO is no doubt Torino. What are these cars around it? Is that an Opel Manta to it’s right? Maybe a Corvair to it’s left? I know… I know…

Looks good, what can I say. Radio blank plate is of the sort usually found on Bertone 2600 Sprints. Doesn’t bother me.

504e75b8dbEngine compartment is nearly flawless. Note fingerprints in the dust of the air box. There are the green Cavis wires I always say should be present. Bravo.

No price is mentioned, heck, for that matter there is no item text. I am going to guess it is at least 50,000 Euro’s to see this car in your garage. I think the days of poorly done SS’s are behind us. Most cars in the hands of dealers are going to get a cosmetic brush over, especially since most of the pretty parts are readily available these days. A savvy buyer might snap this up in the economic game of shells that’s going on right now and come out ahead if the seller is spread too thin and a bag of money the correct size is presented. I’d probably make a cash offer if I could get back all the cash I’ve spent on video poker… ;0)


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