Berlina project #7: What to do when the 1750 goes in the TI

Just kidding about doing this to the Berlina. Joseph, owner of the sweet BMW 2000 TILUX seen on the Pedal Pushers Rally 2008 sent me a link to passionsmobiles who made the livingroom set up seen below out of a 1750 Berlina and will do the same for you for $25,000 -not sure if that includes the donor car. I’ve seen 57 Chevy trunk love seats and airplane wing desks but never a set made from most of a car. I hope it was rusted out in the middle.

alfa1There is a line that was crossed here, but at least it wasn’t made from a TZ2 or something. I actually like the shape of the couch and would gladly put that in my house. Note the hubcap clock.

alfa2It works for Elk and bucks, why not a Berlina? They turned the emblem on the trunkl lid over to read upright in it’s new orientation. Is that candle stick holder a transmission layshaft and the votive holderr on the engine/table a second gear on some valve or clutch springs?

d_aAl least it’s not going to get crushed and return a dishwasher door.

moteur_aI wonder why they have the valve cover nuts in up position. Engine looks nice and clean. Does it leak? Webers are worth a couple hundred bucks as is the Euro front cover with the dipstick below the distributor. I’d have left the spark plugs and wires in place.

table_aThey used a lot of the engine parts cleverly. Connecting rods are welded to the timing gear. Obviously the rest is a cam and steering wheel.

salon_a2Another view of the set. The edge of the tables’ glass tops look dangerous.

sofa_aUpholstery looks correct for an Alfa.

To each their own and more power to them. I prefer my Alfa components to be part of a moving experience on the road, but can see that this is where some people would want to take the passion for Alfa’s. Makes me want to turn a Fiat 500 into a hot tub.


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