Market #92: Red Sprint Three-fer in Italy

Giulietta Sprints 1493*26018, 1493*26085 and a 1965 Giulietta 1300.  These three cars are all in Italy, all about 25,000 Euro’s, all red and all in pretty nice shape.  I have them arranged in the chronological order outlined above for each group of common view pictures.  26018 and 26085 are from the 1960 interim series that ends at 26200 in Fusi.  The 1965 Giulietta 1300 represents the last gasp for the classic Giulietta Sprint and they only made 428 if Fusi’s numbers are accurate.  Giulietta Sprint production spanned 11 years and if you look at the Sprints contemporaries at the beginning and end of its run you see a great leap forward in automobile design and technology that was just catching up in the early 1960’s to the standard of robustness, reliability and style set by the Sprint.

3396f5be3a1493*26018 is not only 67 cars older than the next car, it is photographed in the same spot.  There are some event stickers on the quarter window which if nothing else indicate this car drives well enough to do a few hundred miles.

84c1f658ad1493*26085 is very similar to the car above.  The paint work is fantastic as far as I can tell with great shut lines and impeccably mounted and polished trim.

a39710e822This 1965 Giulietta 1300 was produced to either satisfy a traditional customer group who just couldn’t adapt to the ‘modern’ Bertone Sprint GT or to use up a stock of Giulietta Sprint bodies.  Either way it is a rare car that enjoys a lot of modern upgrades like a brake booster and disc brakes. 

84d42c004fPD is probably for Padova.  Paint work on this car is also very nice.  I think I prefer the earlier ‘airplane’ style license plate light to the bumper mounted ‘frogeye’ style seen here. 

b5aa8d73c0Again, the same background as above.  Someone is sitting in the background watching the goings on.  I guess Roma was short enough that they could fit the whole thing on these original black plates.  Seems “Black Plate”  has meaning in Italy too.

91eb92d4e01Another booty shot.  The trunk doesn’t appear to fit as well on this car as the others but I wouldn’t throw it out of bed as they say.  Note antenna on drivers side rear fender and Giulia style 1300 script just to the right of the license plate holder.

0ac54ed2edOnly 26018 had a picture of the build plate so I thought I would include it here.  In the USA this car would be called a 10105 according to the parts book.  The motor number was included for the first couple hundred cars in this series.

e855889a3326018 is clean and correct underhood although the ducting to the heater and vent looks like the kind of corrugated drainage pipe you bury in your backyard.  That’s the kind of air cleaner my Sprint is lined up to receive.  The scuttle area is different on this car than mine, I wonder if the change corresponds to the end of open rockers?  I think that may be the topic of a future post.

eb5b9042aa26085 is not quite as tidy as 26018 but I think the ducting is original.  Note cheap inline plastic fuel filter and incorrect air filter housing.

74e7bf3d5811965 Giulietta 1300 has an Abarth style air cleaner (if Laurence is to be trusted) and the unsightly addition of a brake booster.  I like the Cavis brand green plug wires.

aea306aefa26018 has the traditional red and off-white interior.  This looks really nice but something is lacking and I’m not sure what it is. 

e381137f2e26085 went for the contrasting interior with black, off-white and gray.  Definitely more soothing than the all red seen above.  I like this one the best of the three.

c61261c6c92This guy has the late gauge cluster and an accessory wood rimmed steering wheel.  I like this dash set up a lot, but not as much as the original Sprint dash seen above.  Seats are not correctly covered but look nice.

If these were all side by side on a car lot and you could experience them all in contrast to each other, I think you would end up purchasing the one with the best  feel.  From 5000 miles away looking at low resolution pictures it’s all visual.  I like the look of 26085 the best of these three mainly for the interior, but 26018 has the nicer detailing under the hood, and 1965 is a rarer model, so a choice would be hard.  Good thing I already have a Sprint similar to those above so I don’t feel the need to buy any of these. 

my-sprintA picture of my Sprint 1493*20379 just to remind myself I’m doing alright.  Now to get it back on the road…


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