Details #2: SS defroster vents

I was digging through my parts again yesterday trying to organize stuff and get the parts for the SS grouped logically for when I get back on it once the Sprint engine rebuild is complete.  I ran across a set of windshield defroster vents I picked up a while ago and a set I picked up recently and wow, big difference.  The parts book has two vents for the Giulietta SS and 3 vents plus a junction for the Giulia SS.  I guess the Giulietta has problems with the window fogging and the defrost system required a redesign.  Check them out below.

00120-vents-382These are the Giulieta items fresh from the media blast cabinet.  These are contoured at the top to follow the curve of the windshield/dash intersection.  The clamp up top is a cotter pin style and was used to clamp the defroster hose to the vent.

ventsThis is the vent set I bought a couple of months ago.  It is stamped 595, so maybe it came from Giulia SS car number 10121*380593?  I was prepared to try and adapt these to my Giulietta but thankfully the set of Giulietta ones came along.  These are now listed on my ‘For Sale’ page.

00120-vents-closeClose up of number stamping on the Giulietta ducts.  I guess my car will owe a debt to 382 considering it now has it’s side windows, seats and a lot of it’s trim.

I held the new vents up to the mounting holes on my car and they line up pretty well.  I think Powder coating may be the way to go for these and will probably be establishing a relationship with a local shop to get a lot of powder coating and plating done at some point.


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