Brakes #3: The SS Master Cylinder part 1.

I was moving stuff around my space and cleaning up on Sunday trying to organize the parts for my various concurrent projects when I came across this master cylinder that I set aside for use in the SS.  It was under some stuff in a plastic bag from when I took it to Glenn’s shop to get help removing the big end nut.  I hadn’t opened it so I figured it was a good time to peek inside to see if I need to look for another.  Next thing I knew I had spent an hour cleaning it.

mc-openSome rust and crust can be seen here, but I don’t think it’s too bad.  I pulled the seal and that weird washer that allows flow through the array of holes under the seal out and set to work with various implements to clean it up.

mc-viseI used a vise to hold it so I could remove the two brake line fittings and their associated copper washers.  The fittings are different sizes so it’s impossible to refit them incorrectly.  Sorry for the blurry picture.

I used wire brushes, a wheel cylinder hone and assorted scraping implements to get all the crud off everything, sprayed it down with brake parts cleaner (wearing gloves, safety glasses and pointing the spray away from anything I don’t want the paint to come off of) then assembled it, taping up any orifices.  I used the media blaster on the outside to clean all the rust scale off and ended up with what can be seen below, a nice pile of clean parts.  I have another one (or possible two) of these master cylinders somewhere and will pick all the best parts for the SS build then paint or plate everything and set it aside for assembly later.

mc-explodedEverything required for the master cylinder can be seen here, along with two of the front upper A arm grease fitting covers I cleaned at the same time.  As usual, I will get advice from one of my local experts on which parts are okay to use.

While it is tempting, I don’t intend to assemble any of the brake parts with their required seals until they are ready to bolt on the car and see some use.
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1 thought on “Brakes #3: The SS Master Cylinder part 1.

  1. Hello Matt,

    I am searching for a master cylinder for Giulietta SS, maybe you still have the one described and want to sell it to me?

    Please let me know

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