Market #90: Competizione Confortevole

Update:  I received the numbers from the seller, this is Chassis 1493E07137, Engine 1315*31504.  This would indicate this car is not a Confortevole, but a modified 101 bodied Sprint Veloce.

Giulietta Sprint Veloce Confortevole. This Giulietta Sprint is available right now on Italian eBay with an opening bid of 30,000 Euro’s or $37,846 at the time of writing… is the dollar approaching parity with the Euro? This car is pretty nice so obviously there is a reserve involved.

While I’ve got your attention, check out my updates page for pictures of a sweet 1953 Ferrari 212 Inter PF.

437c_1Body work is gorgeous on this car and the Celeste blue suits it perfectly. Note the laterals in the grill openings have the thin trim strips, an option on ‘regular’ Sprints but standard on the Veloce Confortevole.

3c2a_1These are the later version of the better tail lights. I think I need to do a tail light comparison post to sort out the differences. I even like the white wheels. Are they early TI 15″ steels?

Item text follows verbatim:

“Foreign bidders: you’re welcome.
Here you find a wonderful Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce ready for track M.Y.1958 1300cc based upon the Giulietta Sprint Veloce Comfort M.Y.1958
Complete roll bar, lightened from interiors, bumpers and soundproof material, only 1 racing pilot seat, specific instruments, security petrol tank, 4 drum brakes set-up for track, tricked out engine ready for track (but we can give it more power), specific suspension and springs, left sidelong exhaust exit, lateral plexiglass windows with sliding openings.
Car has never ran in competitions, only few private laps on track.
Original colour, chassis-engine matching numbers, as shown in Alfa Romeo Authenticity Certificate.
The car has already FIA racing documents:
– HTP FIA “E” period, category GTS
– technical passport ready to be filled in.
Feel free to ask me more informations about this car.
We can arrange an appointment also after the end of the auction.
High price tag for this car.
good bid to everyone!”

3dfb_1If you’ve followed my posts about race cars you know I tend to complain about their interior aesthetics and this car deserves no less. Not my thing, and definitely not the worst I’ve seen.

4137_1It looks like the cage is a bolt in affair. Steering wheel looks better than the usual racing wheel. Good to see the correct gauges hiding back there.

3cea_1Sliding plexi windows look home made. Is all the trim removed from the door opening? I wonder if they still have it.

3fa8_1I like the patina on this airplane. Usually the outer ring of the target style badge is removed on these cars to save weight (you think I’m joking??). That paint really shines!

405b_1Side exit exhaust is neat and probably very loud. A closer view of the wheels.

4485_1There’s the manifold I need. I wonder if they have the original 750 intake manifold, 40DCO3’s, plenum and air box. At $3000 – $4000 for the set up I doubt it.

I would be tempted to put this car back on the road if it came my way by adding some of the original trim pieces and interior pieces. I wonder when these early Veloce’s will become too valuable to turn into track cars? Maybe never I suppose, since racing is a sport of the wealthy in most cases. Hopefully I’ll get out there someday. I keep telling myself that turning my SS in to a race car would be the cheap way to go fixing it up. We’ll see.


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