Market #89: Another mid 60’s Spider Project

Update 3/3/09: Auction ended at $3850 reserve not met with 11 bidders getting in on the action.  Seems pretty cheap for a complete car that isn’t all apart and doesn’t look that far from running and driving.  People truly are keeping their money in their wallets. 

Giulia Spider 10123 AR373175. This car is on eBay right now. I see these cars come up for sale and I am struck by the remarkable similarity in where their stories have landed them 45 years on. I imagine a gentleman of a certain age acquiring one of these cars with visions of either providing a lovely gift to his wife or taking Sunday drives in his self restored pride and joy. Time and unforseen occurances intervene and fast forward to either an admission that he will ‘never get around to it’ or some smarmy estate sale pro telling the trailer trash third nephew heir he’ll give him $400 buck CASH ON THE SPOT for it. Anyhow, somehow having dodge the Pick-n-Pull certain death bullet the car gets pushed around from initially enthusiastic new owner to initially enthusiastic owner until it ends up trunk full of bumper parts and half covered in primer on eBay thus.

db4e_1Looks like a late Spider patiently waiting for some follow through on the started bodywork and a brake job and a carb swish and…

e30b_1Not sure what that crescent shape is on the fender, partially filled antennae hole? Note yellow crispy soft top window and absence of trunk lid hinges. Dark gray-silver rims are kind of cool.

Item text verbatim: “up for bid is a 1962 Alfa Romeo spyder this car needs a total resto floors have rot motor does not run this car need some one to restore completely and it wil make a great car for some one i have too many PROJECTS ALSO I NOW FIND OUT THAT MIGHT BE A PROBLEM WITH TITLE IM DOING EVERY THING I CAN TO GET IT BUT I DONT WONT TO PLAY ANY GAMES SO THE WINNING BIDDER KNOWS THAT IF I CAN T GET ONE THANKS DAN one other thing please don’t email me with offers i have a buy it now price” Simple and to the point, VERY simple.


eb2f_1If you sat in one of these seats you would imagine that it is stuffed with shredded wheat cereal by the sound and feel of the stuffing breaking down. The vinyl would probably crack. Good times no doubt. Steering wheel, shifter, ash tray and barely glimpsed door panel don’t look too bad.

f3a7_1Is that a stock air filter? Green Cavis wires are cool although I bet they are hard and inflexible. Is that a GTA oil fill cap? Engine bay looks untouched and that is a good thing, only made better by occasional application of oil to moving parts over the years that I’m certain didn’t happen.

fbbf_110123 spider 1600. IGM number means it’s maybe a Euro market car. Gauges will say so for sure. $20 says you can’t get that brake fluid bottle open.

0382_1Predictable bumper bonanza in the trunk. Presence of the missing headlights, trim hinges etc would be nice. Don’t count on it.

Alright kids, we’ve come to the end of another episode of ‘project Alfa Spider’ (I’m so happy I don’t write about 72 – 91 Spiders, I’d never get any sleep trying to keep up). Buy it now price is $6500 and seems reasonable if the rot in the floor isn’t too bad and the trunk hasn’t been hit and the engine turns over and the seller has the keys and the suspension and brakes are not utterly frozen and the windows can be wound up and down without too much trouble and the gas tank doesn’t have two inches of hardened sludge at the bottom and it rolls without six guys pushing dents into the trunk lid and well you get the idea, if it’s not too bad.


1 thought on “Market #89: Another mid 60’s Spider Project

  1. Dear Matt,
    The ‘air fiter’ looks like an ABARTH aftermarket screen air ‘cleaner’
    Keep courage! It won’t be scrapped.

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