Market #64: Very Early SS project

Update 2/25/09: Seller sent me a few pictures of this car out of the little garage where it’s been living the last 20 years.

al-ss-back-threeCar looks even better out of the cramped garage.

al-ss-back-twoI wish my SS looked this good from behind.

Update 2/20/09: I went and saw (translated that means I drove from Oakland to San Diego and back in 21 hours) this car on Wednesday to either get the idea of buying it out of my head or get the ball rolling on the buy, combine, sell process. It sounds like a big drive just to look at a car, but I also picked up an extra set of door glasses, seats and some small misc from the other SS the seller got with this car, which was stripped, cut up and thrown away due to being ‘very very rusty’. I am listing some of the other parts for the seller on my for sale page.

2621726-600-0Looks pretty good as far as projects goes. Headlight appears to be pushed into the body a bit and the marker light has been molested at some point. Hood fit doesn’t look too bad.

Okay, so how is this car you ask? I think it’s pretty good. If you wanted to just drop a running engine in it, do the brakes, lube the suspension and get the electrical parts working you’d have a roadworthy rough SS. Kinda cool. The dash, headliner and all is pretty good, the door panels are out of the car but could be sympathetically installed to achieve the RSS ‘Ratty Sprint Speciale’ look.

The engine you can see propped in it is a blank Veloce block, the crank is out and one of the main caps is missing. The seller says he has more boxes of SS stuff ‘somewhere’ but I would either plan on an align bore or write the block off going into the deal if I didn’t see it. The intake manifold, 40DCOE2’s and plenum are correct for 1300 101 Veloce and I found the fuel pump blank off plate, Marelli distributor, engine front over with aluminum fan etc, so there is a lot of value in what is present. Personally I’d throw a known good 1600 or 1750 in it and keep these bits on the shelf for the ‘restoration’ while I drive it around.

Send me an email at if you want to hear more about this car. The seller is ready to deal but this is no fire sale.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00147. This car is available right now in Hemmings for $25,000 obo. No engine number is stated but one is in the car and all the correct parts are visible so I will guess it is the right one.

When I first saw this I got excited and thought about going for it. I thought I could buy this car, combine it, its spares and what I currently have in my SS and make myself a good project and sell of the remainder, probably at not much of a loss, but the more I thought about that process the more my knees ached and I decided I had to let it go. I told a friend who is looking for one to go look at it but I haven’t gotten a report.

backPictures from an iphone aren’t too bad. My car has similar speaker holes. Rear panel looks good. Window surround trim seen here is all nice as far as I can tell. Trunk lid fits pretty well.

rustMy car has this exact same rust patch. I would be surprised if this car needs any less welding than my car except where the missing floor is concerned. Nice little dent seen there.

gas-tank-trunkTrunk doesn’t look too bad. I don’t see any through rust.

gaugesArchaeological find here, like the first peek at King Tut’s tomb. These gauges are in good shape, as is what can be seen of the steering wheel.

roofEven the headliner looks alright. I am missing sun visors and the grab handle for my car.

morePassenger side floor maybe? Rust doesn’t look too bad. Seats are supposedly out being recovered by a friend of the seller.

2621727-700-0Valve cover, intake manifold, carbs, plenum and head all are consistent with an 00120 engine. Maybe I should try and make a deal happen.

vin10120*00147. Compare the quality of this stamping with that on SS#1. These were allegedly stamped by Alfa prior to delivery to bertone.

With the economy in the toilet and the world of collector car pricing seemingly taking pause, this car has come to light at the wrong time methinks. With the white SS that ran and drove that failed to sell for about $30,000 last May I wonder if this car has a chance right now. If it was $18,500 I’d have driven down to San Diego and checked it out already but I just can’t bring myself to spend any more than that these days. I could use some of the spare parts the seller tells me he has, but if I were him I wouldn’t separate the lot.

Another SS comes out of hiding. I bet there are more out there like this in California garages waiting to be discovered.


1 thought on “Market #64: Very Early SS project

  1. I am the owner of the white 1965 SS. I had the car sold for $32K and decided to keep it and finish the restoration, which is nearly complete. Car will be up for sale again within two weeks. If there is any interest please contact: thank you.

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