101 1300 rebuild part #11: Marelli Veloce distributor set up

You may remember I earlier wrote about distributors and what I should do for one for this engine rebuild. I had the Lucas unit that was originally in this car in a box so I assumed I would just get it re-bushed, put new points, condenser etc in it and use it. I dropped it off a Jaan’s shop and a few days later he called me to tell me the shaft and drive section was all home-made and that it would not be cost effective to fix it, and that at its best it still wouldn’t be as good as a Bosch or Marelli unit. The next day I started pulling the 1600 apart that is going in the SS and I realized the Marelli distributor installed on it would be perfect for the 1300 rebuild, especially if I ever went with a Veloce spec conversion as it is a 750/101 spec unit.

dirty-marelliHere it is, fresh off the 00121 engine I am going to start rebuilding soon for the SS. It doesn’t look like much but the shaft spins nicely without having any side to side play. I am told these are pretty hard to find and expensive, so I will be careful.

marelli-drive-endI took this picture so I could orient the shaft clamp roughly where it was originally when I put it back together. I’m not sure what the knurled knob on the side, seen here pointing roughly at 10 o’clock is for, but I imagine a light read of one of my manuals will enlighten me.

marelli-coming-apartFresh out of the swamp. Another shot to help me figure out where stuff goes if I forget. Notice the ‘e’ clip on the end of the points pivot shaft is missing. Also note how cruddy it is in this thing!

marelli-more-apartCurious as always, I decided I had to go as deeply into this thing as I could to get it nice and clean and understand how it goes together and works. That spring is part of the advance system. How primitive.

clean-advance-unitHere it is after the points mount plate has been removed and the guts washed out with white gas. The mechanism still spins freely without any undo slop so I am confident it will work. I am thinking of getting the advance mechanism ‘recurved’ but I want to see how it runs before I go to those lengths.

marelli-back-togetherViola! $150 worth of points, condenser, cap and rotor are finally getting put to use. Glenn gave me an ‘e’ clip since I didn’t have one and with the points pivot mechanism all set up correctly I was able to gap the points. The original parts are going to get cleaned up, the points refaced and put in a bag and tossed in the glove box just in case.

marelli-on-carHome again, home again jiggity jig. I still need to set the timing, but I am going to do that after double checking the cam timing tomorrow. Doesn’t look too bad. I was picking up the old bits and found the original ‘e’ clip in the crud that fell out of it when I was cleaning it. I guess I’ll install the original tomorrow.

This marks another small though time consuming job finished. Tomorrow I plan on taking a pair of side draft 40DCOE2’s by to get Glenn’s opinion and if they pass muster I may decide to use them instead of the down draft Solex. I have the new exhaust front section in the entry way of my house so I need to get a gasket for it too tomorrow. Good thing I’m off work this week so it can’t get in my way.

Still to do: wiring, fan belt, throttle linkage, shift lever reassembly, upper radiator hose, fuel line/filter, flywheel cover, exhaust, clutch rod and more. Will it ever get done? I hope so. Once this is all done I still have to convert back to drum brakes, replace the 105 rear end with a 101, install new weather stripping, a heater valve, fix shorts in the turn signal and wiper circuits and I’m sure more before this car is ‘done’. Stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “101 1300 rebuild part #11: Marelli Veloce distributor set up

  1. The threaded cup on the distributor is a grease cup. It should have a spring inside to keep the cup from vibrating off, and be filled with a high quality grease such as Swepco 101. One full turn every 5,000 miles will keep the shaft bushings lubricated properly.


    Tom Meadows

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