101 1300 rebuild part #10: hooking it up

I spent rainy Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the shop this weekend working on all the little loose ends that need to be tied in order to start the engine for the first time.  I started out with painting and installing the starter.  Once I had the starter bolted up and looking good I found the gasket and all the fasteners I set aside for the intake manifold and went to mount it.  The height of the engine didn’t allow the manifold to clear the rail in the engine bay so I had to jack the engine up about an inch on the passenger side and this allowed it to slip by.  Once the manifold was on I found the new thermostat and gasket along with the used thermostat housing I bought from Glenn a few weeks back.  This was all straight forward to install.

img_7638As usual, the finished picture first.  The red in the engine compartment came out good.  Not great, just good.  I think the level of finish in the engine compartment will match the rest of the car if I leave the valve cover alone.

img_7637Once the Intake parts were in I installed the fan and radiator.  The absence of distributor an be clearly seen here, as can my home-made intake gasket.  I still need to think about a spacer for the carb.

1300 radiator inAnother view of the result of the days toil.  It can barely be seen here, but that oil filter housing cost me about 2 hours of work.

I had been driving the Berlina around with the filter housing and spin-on adapter I need for the Sprint so I took the opportunity of an oil change to pull it off the Berlina and put on an old cartridge type I had laying around, along with a new cartridge.  The housings are meant to rest on studs and be held on by nuts, but the Berlina had had the studs removed and the Sprints housing was bolted on.  This was easy enough to deal with when removing the Sprints housing but the later cartridge type has a different shape with a different angle of mounting and it ended up taking me about 2 hours to find bolts of the appropriate size, remove parts from the engine compartment of the Berlina and squeeze my hands in under the exhaust manifold to start the bolts.  I was glad when this job was done!  Berlina now has healthy oil pressure associated with fresh oil and filter.

1300 engine mount oil filter oil lineHere’s the Sprint filter housing in situ.  It has a Les Hurlock spin-on adapter.  The oil pressure line can also be seen to be installed here, this required another hunt around the shop for a sealing copper washer.  Fun.

I spent about 5 hours and felt like I made only a little progress, but I guess all this time needs to be spent to get it done.  Up next is the mounting of the exhaust manifold, cleaning up the Marelli distributor, hooking up all the wires, the radiator and heater hoses, the carb and, well ,you get the idea, a lot more!

Part 11 of the rebuild can be found here.


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