Market #88: Second rustiest Spider ever

Giulietta Spider 101.03 170618, Engine tipo 00102. I’ve been on a Spider kick this week, must be the leak in the roof over my side of the bed that developed in all this rain (I know, pansy-ass California rain). Okay, so in my pursuit of Spiders this week I came across this specimen on Italian eBay for 8000 Euro’s. Imagine what you could do with this car, I mean, I bet that engine is not far from running, but wow, where did they park this thing? “Hey baby, is your tetanus shot up to date? Want a ride?”

d86f_1No serious alarm bells yet, except maybe the seeming absence of rockers. I can’t really tell if it’s red over gray or gray over red but important thing is they are both over rust.

d989_1This looks positively do-able from my perspective. I mean, even a car with a bad head gasket and rings rusted tight to pistons will sort of run, and I do mean sort of!

da64_1Eh, so the dash top is a little loose, the horn ring and, well, the horn ring looks okay.

de35_1Someone put linoleum over the floor- oh wait, that’s the floor under the car. Note the rust has eaten its way about 1/3 of the way up the central stiffening strut. On the bright side, the stainless door aperture trim looks pretty good!

df50_1This is frightening, A lot of metal is just gone, and yet the tail light doesn’t look too bad.

e3a6_1In deference to the lack of body work below the seam, the gas tank and bumper are relocated to the trunk top.

e169_1This is bad, really really bad. Trust me, not even those Practical Classics magazine guys who go out of their way to find horrific cars to restore would consider this car for a project. What you don’t see here is integral to the structure of these cars.

e283_1Rocker? At least you don’t have to cut the old one out.

Alright, so this scares me more than the Sprint nose I wrote about in Market #32. This is a parts car. End of story. Add it up, every scrap sold separately on eBay would probably get you $2500 USD. Anyhow, sad, unfortunate, whatever word you use for this sort of thing. I’ve seen a few Alfa’s as bad as this so I am saving ‘worst Spider’ for the truly truly awful. Heaven help us when I see it.


1 thought on “Market #88: Second rustiest Spider ever

  1. I’m on this site because I have one for sale. Like this, but not rust. Never wrecked. It ran before it was garaged years ago. It’s a restore project that never got finished. Some new parts, I’m trying to decide what it might be worth. In So Cal.

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