Market 87: SVZ 02028/06936

Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato 1493E*06936.  This car is listed on Anamera right now out of the Netherlands.  There is very little information given on this car but if you read through ‘The Complete SVZ File’ thread on the Alfa BB you will find some very interesting reading about this car.


This is a gorgeous little car.  Zagato hand crafted these cars on an individual basis from Sprint race car wrecks.  This car was restored by Zagato in the mid 1980’s. 


Note the family similarity to the SZ.  Makes sense since the decision to produce the SZ was a result of the success of these cars. 


I suppose this gap in the hood is to keep from trapping air in the engine compartment  and to give clearance for the engine.


Nice delicate aluminum frame on the quarter window.


It’s hard to tell but these wheels are a composite steel center with alloy rim.


These seats are famous and generally refered to as ‘SZ style’, but it would be more accurate to say they are Zagato lightweight seats because most Zagato cars from this period used variations on these seats.  I know a company in Texas who makes a replica of these. 


All the good stuff is in here.  40DCO3’s breathing through a 750 Veloce manifold and out a 750 Veloce header.  750 series aluminum fan, Marelli generator and voltage regulator combo and veloce glass fuel bowl with filter.  Note the upper hose exit and fill location on the radiator to get the nose as low as possible.  I’m not sure what they valve cover bolts look like up close, but they don’t appear to be Veloce items.


I’ll take two.  Someone spent a lot of time or money and someone elses time getting everything you see here in this condition.


And the ever important chassis number reveal.  AR1493E*06936*.  This car is widely accepted as having been rebodied by Zagato when it was young.

The odd thing about this car is it was marked and accepted as 1493E*02028*, another chassis accepted to be an SVZ for years.  The current owner decided to explore the spot where the VIN would be, perhaps thinking it was time to figure out why it was not marked in the correct spot and worried it was a fake, not wanting to deceive anyone since it was going up for sale.  Imagine their surprise (and relief) that they had an SVZ pretending to be another SVZ.  Who, how, why?  I don’t know, someone somewhere does, but time will tell if the story gets told.

So it’s for sale.  How much?  I don’t know… a lot!


This picture is from post #27 on ‘The Complete SVZ’ and is listed as an unknown SVZ at Reims, 1958.  Looks a lot like the subject of this blog post to me.


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