Market #85: Expensive late 101 1600 Spider

Update 2/11/09: Seller says it’s all one color but that engine compartment sure looks white to me.

Giulia Spider 1600 101.23 AR375698, engine 00112*08251. This car is available right now on eBay out of Southern California and not much different than the subject of Market #84 other than a claimed (with marginal photo evidence) absence of rust, fresher paint and a sobering $33,500 asking price.

Celeste spider frontSo far so good. Trim is excellent and I like the color of the car. Blacked out grill openings are pretty cool. Note wet driveway and remember cars look better when wet.

celeste spider front cornerStill looks good, I like the Euro marker lights, same as SS and Duetto. I can’t tell if it’s the picture but it looks like there is something up with the hood just to the right of the center in this picture.

4a2a_1The top is in fine shape and fits well. Vitaloni mirror seen here doesn’t suit the car and belongs on an early 70’s GTV or Spider.

4ec1_1Black plate is always nice. The paint doesn’t seem to shine like it should for the asked money. Tail lights are the amber Euro versions. Is that the sellers detail kit in the upper right hand corner of the photo?

5e37_1Trunk looks great inside, just as described, it appears white and not Celeste blue, I’ll have to ask the seller.

5f39_1Seats are kind of puffy looking so I guess they either were done recently, were seldom used or there’s too much foam and it’s way too stiff. I can’t really tell if the inside paint on the door is white or blue.

54e3_1My old 1600 Spider had a similar dent in this exact spot. A dent guy should be able to work this out. I wonder if the headlight rings are original Carello’s.

57aa_1Looks good, all the plastic is in original shape without much crazing or yellowing. Again, I wonder if the dash is blue or white, looks white to me, maybe some pictures in the shade would help.

Seller says: “FALL in Love with a GORGEOUS Italian!!! Fresh out of Long-Term Storage is this Beautiful and RARE, LOW-mileage, Two-Owner 1963 Alfa-Romeo Giulia Spyder!! This is the NON-IMPORT Version, personally shipped over by the Original Owner (A Television Writer named Davis) in the 60’s, and Fully Restored when the car changed hands in the mid-80’s! This car has a clean California Title and the Original Black California plates it was given on arrival in the U.S. . It is RUST -FREE (look at the pics of the trunk! Cleanest trunk I have ever seen…) , and the undercarriage is extremely clean as well (other than the spiders, which come free with the car). The car is completely stock, except for the installation of competition springs and disc brakes during the restoration, and the Single Side-Draft WEBER carb which boosted the horsepower from 90 to 118. I expected to sit in a cloud of smoke for a few minutes when we started her up, but was astonished at how quietly and smoothly she came to life, with no smoke or clatter whatsoever… A bit of air in the tires, and I was shifting smoothly through her gears, coursing the streets of Los Angeles, feeling as though I had just traveled back in time. After being purchased in Italy in late ’62 to tour the Countryside, this car was shipped here to Los Angeles and used only for short trips to a cigar store on Fairfax Avenue, near the first owner’s home in Park La Brea. The car changed hands on 7/11/83. It was then used lovingly and sparingly following the full restoration by the second owner (also a writer!). ALL reciepts from 1983 to present come with the car, and some from the 1st owner, too… This Italian version differs from the Import version in a couple of subtle ways, including body styling, the presence of tear-drop-style lights on the front rocker panels, Hi-Beam Flashers and window washers. The gauges and controls are all in Italian, of course. There is no radio. There is one ding in the front passenger side fender (see picture), and some of the metals and chrome could use a bit of refreshing and or polishing, but overall this a is an AMAZINGLY Clean example of this rare little car. The top and interior are in excellent condition, the door jambs and rocker panels are immaculate. Windows are excellent and go up and down with ease. There is no rust. The doors “click” shut with incredible precision. With only 58,000 actual miles on the clock (just over 98000 km), this is sure to be one of the lowest-mileage examples left on Planet Earth… I welcome your inspection in Los Angeles. This car is for sale locally and I reserve the right to end this eBay listing at any time. Thanks for Looking!!”

That’s quite a write up. I wonder if there are lower mileage examples on Planet Venus? Carb is not a single side draft, it’s a down draft and I want to see dyno run results before I buy a 28 hp increase going form a Solex to a Weber!

72a8_1Where’s my airbox and plenum? There’s the magic Weber that can increase your hp 31%. The engine compartment of Market #84 Spider looks a lot better. The engine compartment definitely looks white to me.

73ed_1Hardly restored but somewhat indicative of rust free claim. My Sprint has a similar coating of dirt impregnated oil but is much cleaner although not restored.

512a_1I still think this car is white in the interior painted surfaces, but it may just be cheap camera wash-out from taking pictures in the bright sun. Nice overspray on the hinge bolts. Chrome on door controls looks okay. I like the minimalist door panels on these Spiders.

There have been a lot of Spiders of this vintage on eBay since I started this blog. Market #55 is a very similar car that is frankly nicer than this car in most ways and it’s failed to sell twice at least on eBay after reaching $18,500 and $21,100. The best features of this car are its useability, rust free body and long term California history. The biggest hurdle this car faces to getting big money is the lack of mechanical detailing and that it looks like parts of it are white. Judging from the engine compartment and underside this car is not restored, it is repainted and reupholstered, refreshed even, but not restored. I think it would struggle past $20,000 if it was started at a low price with no reserve.


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