Market #84: Running Resto 64 Spider project

Giulia Spider 101.23 AR379860. This car is available right now on eBay, buy it now for $16,500, from a classic car dealer in southern California who offers your typical mix of not-very-exciting (at least to me) late British and German roadsters. No engine number is stated but I am going to guess that if it’s original its about 00112*18000.

3791608_3This is how you used to find them all the time. A little bump in the nose, trim and bumpers in B to B+ condition with good enough fit for a driver, paint with some bald patches and, well ,you get the picture.

3791608_6If you look closely you can see some rust peaking through behind the front wheel in the rocker. I would want to see pictures of this area from the in and under sides and the jacking points and trailing arm mounts while I’m at it. Again, overall it looks like a car you could just drive and enjoy until you decided to spend a little money on paint.

3791608_7More bumps and bald patches. The lid doesn’t fit all that well, probably deformed by the impact that took the paint off. Eh, who cares, just drive it.

3791608_9This car sits kind of high in the back. I’d be taking it on spirited drives so I’d have to lower it down a bit, maybe some new sports springs or something. Does the passenger door look a different color to you?

Meaningful part of the auction text reads: “1600 cc. 5 Speed. Totally Complete, This is a running driving car. The body has some rust in different places and car has had small accident in front many years ago and repaired. Engine bay including inner fenders, is very nice with all original paint. Engine. Gearbox and rear end all in very good order. Engine has good oil pressure. All gauges work, Very nice original steering wheel and good mohair top. Interior is all original including the leather seats which are in very nice condition. Car is original color combination but has been repainted at various times in its life. This is a car which you can drive and enjoy just as it is or a good basis for a thorough restoration. We are asking $16,500.”

3791608_14No tears in the vinyl of the seats, door panels look good, everything is there and where it should be and doesn’t have a coating of over-spray. I could live with this interior.

3791608_131Steering wheel and horn button, shifter, radio blanking plate, rear view mirror etc all look great and the usual barf of wires hanging down around the steering column under the dash is at a minimum. Gauges are slightly yellowed but fit with the patina of the car.

3791608_16Engine compartment looks really good to me. The carb seems to have been cleaned up compared to the rest and I’d bet the ignition wires are new. Intake pieces and washer bag are in good shape. Flexible cross-over pipes from the plenum to the air-box look like something from Yardbirds, white zip-ties and all, but are easily replaced. Is that an alarm next to the washer bag?

The best part of these late versions of the original Pininfarina Spider is they have most of the charm of their elder siblings with a fairly modern mechanical specification (1600cc engine with good torque, 5-speed, disk brakes), sharing a lot of parts with the Giulia sedans and GT’s. They are also consistently about 2/3 the value of an equivalent earlier 101 Spider and 1/2 the value of an equivalent 750 Spider or same late era Spider Veloce.

I would want to see pictures of the rockers, floor corners, trunk under the battery, jacking points, trailing arm mounts etc and if the rust is minimal I’d say just get it and use it is the best thing to do with this car. $16,500 is a little more than I’d spend, I’m thinking $12,000 if the rust is slight, obviously less if the rust is pervasive. People tend to distrust these kinds of small time intermediate classics car dealers and as such, if I were one, I’d have extensive information in the way of pictures available to give the impression of being upfront about things. You can’t just mention the car has some rust in different places and make no attempt to show it.


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