Market #82: Another late Giulia Spider Veloce

Giulia Spider Veloce 101.18 AR390652, Engine AR00121.02393.  This car is available right now from Fantasy Junction, asking price is $31,500.  They describe it thus:

“Outstanding ‘driver’ standard restoration. 2,500 miles since completion. A true Veloce by serial number. $39,500 spent on engine (rebuilt), transmission (rebuilt), suspension and brakes. Repainted in the original color. Drives well, as would be expected of a rebuilt car. Evidence of some rust repairs to the underside, but generally a straight, solid car. Great value.”

390692 aboveLooks very good.  It’s hard to get all the panels and trim pieces to align and be symmetrical after a repaint.  Color is a little boring in my opinion, but I’m sure ‘classy’ in someone elses, at least it’s original.

back low“GRO FINS”  Does it want to be a 50’s Thunderbird?  PO was a fan of  Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut?  This is a good angle in good light.  Car looks very nice.

up high behindMore of that pretty light.  Are the antennae usually there, behind the driver?  Wow what a difference a California Black plate would make!

cock pitBlack interior suits the exterior color.  Steering wheel is in great shape and gauges have not yellowed.  Is that the stock rear view mirror?  Looks a little chunky to me.

arm pitThis view should give you an idea of the level of workmanship that went into this restoration.  ‘Standard driver restoration’ would have painted over hinge hardware, so I rate this slightly above that.  Door handle could use a $50 rechrome, tsk tsk.  I think there is a piece of weatherstripping missing too.

heart and lungsPretty good first pass clean up in here, a little better than what I did for my Sprint.  If the polish on the valve cover matched the intake plenum and the ignition wires were the $40 green repro’s it would be much improved for not much money.

trunkOkay, I spoke to soon, they painted over the shock top hardware and the little rubber end on the prop so it is a standard driver restoration.  Very tidy though.

26429Let’s not beat around the bush here, this isn’t ‘evidence of rust repair’ as though the jury is still out.  This car has had rust repair.  It appears to have been competently done, but not to a very high standard.  It’s hard to find one of these Spiders that doesn’t either need rust repair or have signs of past rust repair, so no worries.  The ‘business’ all looks good though.

Nice unassuming car and a decent value if everything works as good as described and it looks as good in person as the pictures.  At $31,500 this is approximately the money you would be into AR390222 from Market #81 if you bought it, spruced it up and put it on the road.  AR390549 from Market #76 may be a better value as it is a clean, sorted, attractive example for $7500 more asking than this car, but I haven’t seen it in person either so that may not prove so. 

I imagine the color will dissuade some potential buyers but that it will eventually find a home without much fuss.


5 thoughts on “Market #82: Another late Giulia Spider Veloce

  1. Hey Matt,
    Call me strange, but I actually dig this color on the Giulias. There is a specific name for it, but it escapes me right now. I also like a glossy white on Giuliettas, but they all tend to end up red sooner or later it seems…


  2. I have to agree, the color is kind of nice — but it appears dangerously close to beige in some photos, so it might be a question of lighting or photo quality.

  3. It’s been a year and a half since you guys were talking about this car but a couple of comments. The color that came on 1600 Veloce like this color translates to “yellow straw.” It is not the same as the duetto yellow but more of a ivory with a hint of green, celeryish. It’s a great color when faithfully reproduced. My car has this color and I think it as good as any for these cars, (mine is 390 320). There was another kicking around Santa Barbara with the color combo like the one being discussed maybe 20 years ago, it was very rusty. This could be the car after being fixed up. I could probably dig out the SSN.

  4. That is ***MY*** car, purchased new, June 1966 in Manchester, NH., a week after I graduated college. The first post claims the original color is some kind of yellow, but the car was gray with red upholstery. Original ‘vanity’ license plate was ‘VELOCE’. I kept it 4+ years and sold it to a room-mate, took a job overseas and never heard of the car again…… until I cleaned out lots of old papers and found the original registration, with serial number, which prompted me to Google the serial number and arrived here.

    Does anyone know the current owner? I’d like to put seeing the car on my bucket list. :)

    • I’ll see if I can track them down. I’ve seen the car around a few times as I live near the dealer from this sale.


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