Original TI pictures found!

I was looking for a picture of Hans Mathon (sp?) I have at a CSRG event standing beside his Giulia SS that he recently sold via FJ when I came across the pictures below that the guy I bought my TI from sent me when I was on the fence about exercising the $3500 Buy It Now option. Really sad how busted up it is now. Oh well, have wrench , will fix.

mygiuliafrontA complete runner, very blue and pretty good looking. I was in my twenties and wanted a Giulia sedan in the worst way.

tileft34rearNote third brake light, Ansa tip and lazy fuel door spring.

tileftfrt34I started to remove the baby turbo’s but the bolts for these mirrors are behind the wing window structure… I wonder if I will have the where-with-all to get rid of them this time around.

tileftsideSweet, lowered rear, good door gaps. I’m in!

tirghtsideNo plate… no problem! What’s with the reflector back here?

tirgtfrnt34George put the Super-Camino in the background on eBay a few years ago, $20K buy it now… ok George, Dirk got $8000 for his. I remember that silver GTV being on eBay too, I think it was his sons. Oh yeah, good shot of my old/new TI.

mygiuliaabovePlaid on the parcel shelf is old carpet, on top of polka dotted old carpet…

mygiuliainteriorWhere is that steering wheel from? Dash is 70’s TI, gauges metric and cassette deck sweet! Oh, and seats are Volvo red velour items under the covers. Awesome.

mygiuliasideLooks good, tires were new all-seasons, now full of cracks but with a new amount of tread.

mygiuliarearRear bumper is a match to the dash being 70’s TI. Ansa tip misses the valence cut-out. Super-Camino rests in the background.

There you have it, a trip down memory lane. I feel like I just went through an high school year book. Look for this thing to be back on the road soon!

2 thoughts on “Original TI pictures found!

  1. So Matt you bought it back again? I’ve always had a soft spot for these cars. Please let me know when it’s running again, I really want a ride…..


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