Pushing product the old fashioned way

I noticed a while back that some eBay auctions have an eye-catching accessory that lures in shoppers no matter how uninterested they are in the product offered, sometimes the addition of this accessory is successful, sometimes less so. I have saved examples of auctions featuring this accessory since I started this blog. Over the years there have been other memorable examples, but alas, I lacked prescience and failed to save them for the appreciation of future generations.

c0b1_3This Bus has a faked black plate and the dog looks bored. This is the unpaid ‘friends good-looking girlfriend’ version of the accessory.

39ce_1I don’t remember what kind of car this is. Accessory is the low to mid-range pro model.

8This is at the upper end of the pro model. I like the contrasting red/tan of the accessories packaging against the light blue/green of the wagon.

dd44_12This is probably the sellers personal accessory doing double duty.a896_1I wonder whose idea this one was.

33be_12I wonder if they let this one actually sit in the car, and if so, if the ‘Hawaiian Tropic’ smell can be removed along with the greasy ‘print’. I suppose that smell adds value for some bidders.

df66_1You are a target audience, you have tattoos, big cuff Levis during the day and a gabardine suit to wear to the hop at night, you drink PBR or maybe Hi-Life. This is your dream accessory sitting in your dream car.


0174_1Is that a Jowett?

imageThis accessory is of dubious benefit. Is that a Rolls?

I know, how dare I objectify women like this? I would argue that it’s not me doing it, I just made a funny collection of examples of it and did a blog post about it.

This was brought to my attention… a definite product enhancement. Wow.
Here is a link to the next installment of pushing product.


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