Market #81: Last of the Giulietta Spider Veloces

Sold! Car received 29 bids ending at $17,100 and seems to have sold. A good deal for he buyer if everything was as described.

Giulia Spider Veloce 101.18 AR390222, engine 00121*01752. This late Spider Veloce is on eBay right now. You don’t see original Spiders this clean very often with such regular old paintwork and straight trim with an even shine. California Black late is an unexpected bonus on a car being sold out of New Mexico.

spider-frontAt this point, 20 years into their development these Spiders were just filling a hole until the new Spider could be rolled out in full swing. The first Duettos had appeared and the GTC was available, though neither was being pushed.

spider-backNo drama back here, I don’t even see any dents in the edge of the trunk. Tail lights have even held their color pretty well. Front end is a little high due to absence of engine.

dashNot great but also not bad, this could be tidied up with a minimum of effort. Dash top looks especially puffy on this example.

hood-outOdd view here, gets the point across about how straight the nose is.

battery-cornerYou have to look carefully around the battery tray as this is often the first place to rust. Too bad sealed batteries were not available in the 50’s and 60’s.

engine-numberLooks just like the engine I tore down last week. Seller says the engine is all apart and needs new parts, machine work and assembly. Probably $5000.

veloce-goodiesAnd all the veloce good stuff.

This is a cool car but it is the wrong time to sell. Convertible sales is historically low in January, but take in to account the massive corporate layoffs announced yesterday and the weakness of the Pound and Euro against the dollar and it is a bad time indeed. I’ll be surprised to see reserve met on this one. It’s a nice car and deserves to change hands for a decent sum, but I don’t think the back bone is there to make it happen.


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