SS Engine 00121 #1: Inspections

Drum roll please. The moment you’ve all been waiting for, I am back on the SS project. I know, I know, the 101 1300 I’ve been rebuilding for the last 4 months is not in the Sprint yet so why am I shifting gears and diving into this? Well, this engine rebuild is next on the list and I need to figure out what I need to replace (buy) and what performance modifications I am going to try and incorporate so cracking it open now will help my planning and give my wrench a smooth transition.

00121 veloce as found frontLooks like a greasy Alfa engine to me. Note early Marelli distributor, I think this may be destined for the 1300.

00121 veloce head topIt’s amazing how grubby engines get in the course of their life. Cams seen here are 1050320000’s, middle of the road performance wise. I hope the Berlina doesn’t mind the drive to work without the 10548 cams it currently sports.

00121 vin sideDid 00121’s always have a mechanical pump? I hope this engine is mostly just dirty.

00121 vin numberThe engine number AR00121*02334*. These are native to Giulia SS’s and Giulia Spider Veloces, not so dear as an 00120 but probably the next best thing.

00121 engine sideAnother side to this engine. Doesn’t look much different than the 101 1300 I’ve been toiling with.

00121 crank journalsAh yes, the important stuff. You will notice that the mains and rods look very good in the picture. They are .010 over and need no work to be put back into service, lucky me. Oh, and the front cover and block numbers match.

00121 main cap numbersI took this to help align the main caps when the time comes. You get the benefit of a close up of rod bearing numbers 1&2.

00121 water areaI’ll let this dry out a bit before I attempt to clean it out. Studs are in much better shape than my 101 1300, without much pitting. Castings are a lot more modern on these 1600’s than the early 101 1300’s.

00121 liner hatchingI had this fantasy today when I was pricing engine components that my Pistons and Liners would be reusable on this rebuild. I think they might be! The compression rings (1.5mm thick) are stuck but the pistons look great. Notice the hatching is still visible in the liners. Yes!

00121 followersAnd the bad news… the tappets are tore up. New ones are about $25 each, so the piston and liner savings are half spent. Sigh.

Alright, so you’re wondering about the head since that’s probably the most expensive part of an Alfa 4 cylinder engine rebuild. Well, I forgot to take any pictures of it other than the ‘before’ shot, so you’ll have to wait. Now I know what size bearings to buy and if Glenn gives the piston and liner set his blessing I might be in for an inexpensive rebuild compared to the 101 1300. Stay tuned if such a thing is possible…

The next installment is here.


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