Market #78: Spider Veloce shell

4 bids, $1000 selling price… not bad!

Giulietta Spider AR167162 with an F.  EBay is an endless source of entertainment and todays entertainment is provided by this Spider shell, on offer right now from a California based supplier of Alfa interior components.  The front is tore-up and it looks horrible, but if it is indeed a Veloce, some one will be scrambling to save it or at least moth-ball it away for when the economy turns around.  If I was at this moment restoring a similar Normale the price difference between Normales and Veloces (about $20K) is such that it would almost make sense to get this body, blast/repair/paint it then assemble the Normale bits on to it and then swap Veloce parts onto it as they become available.  Selling the Normale body to someone with a rusty car would probably pay for a good bit of the swap project. 

217191907_oOuch and Ewww and scarry but doable.  Presence of suspension and steering  components is a bonus.  How does this happen? 

217191948_oFloors look pretty good and I bet this car would blast up to be fairly light in the rust department.  I have never had the pleasure of bolting cleaned and prepped parts onto a freshly restored tub, but seeing this I can imagine the process.  Maybe someday I will get there with the SS.

217191927_oSee, not too bad.  Someone took EVERY part off this thing.

217191967_oI don’t have a reference available to me right now for comparison so I will withhold judgement until later on this number other than to say it is a 1960 Spider number.  F placement is standard for Veloces, and Veloce designation probably gives this car 90% of its value.  Originally red??

I am starting to want a Spider, perhaps the result of tempearatures in the mid 60’s to mid 70’s over the last week in the Bay Area, but I don’t want one this badly.  I don’t think I will ever want to go through this sort of restoration when the SS is done but who knows.  I doubt this car will see more than $1000 but bottom feeders never sleep, and as I mentioned at the outset, adding the Veloce specification to a Normale adds quite a bit of value, so perhaps this car will see some action.


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