Market #77:Clean Black 750D “Spyder”

1/30/09 update:  If eBay closed stats be believed, this car sold with 1 bid for $40,000.  What do you think, any intrepid readers care to comment?

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*04904, Engine 1315*44211.  This car is on eBay right now out of Waltham Ma.  Car is said to have had a comprehensive rebuild but the paint and trim is original.  Starting bid is $39,900 reserve not met and the car has a $42,500 buy it now price.  This car will appeal to a certain kind of buyer, like me, who likes to use their old cars and prefers originality at the expense of a few warts, but unfortunately this kind of buyer tends to be a little tight fisted when it comes to buying cars and the asking price of this car is about what could be expected for a concours winning restored example.
663d_3This is a no nonsense car, with clean lines and presentable trim.  Black with red interior is among the better color combinations for these cars.  I like the early cars like this that don’t have vent windows.

5eaa_31The backside shows no major, or even minor accident damage , again shutlines and trim are very nice.  Paint condition is tough to rate in pictures so if you have $40K in hand and this is the car for you, I recommend a personal visit. 

Important part of the description reads: “Hello, and thanks for checking out our auction for this lovely original condition 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyder.  This is a very straight, no rust, 2 owner car that has been mechanically restored over the last few years.  Excellent driving, no stories, honest Alfa, and very rare to see these cars in original condition.   This is a matching numbers car, that had the fortune of living in New Mexico most of its life.  Finished in Alfa black, with a red vinyl interior, and recently fitted with a black cloth top.  All of the mechanicals have been restored, and gone through by Alfa specialists, over the last few years.  The paint is not perfect, it has its scrapes, bumps, dents, and dings.  The Glass in good shape, and the windshield is a bit pitted.  Chrome is a bit dull, and pitted.  The interior is mostly original: carpets, door panels, and floor mats.  The vinyl under the seats could use to be replaced.  Other than that its a great turn key driver, that you wouldnt hesitate to drive, or park anywhere.


We have the service records, that will show the vast amount of work completed.  Here is just a partial list.

  • Complete Engine rebuild.
  • Complete Transmission rebuild, including new Sachs clutch.
  • Fuel System completely sorted, with electric fuel pump.
  • Negative Earth Conversion, and most of the electrical systems gone through.
  • Suspension, Tires, and Brakes are all new
  • Seats were rebuilt, and brand new seat covers installed, as well as a new cloth soft top.
  • New exhaust, not stainless.
  • Original Tool Roll, and Tools.
  • Original Owners Manual, and Pouch.
  • Needs a Jack, but comes with the Lug Wrench.”


841b_31Thank you.  This is how you confidently show a cars vin number, you just show it.  No BS, no worry.  This build plate is in good shape.

8644_3Ditto above comment.  The engine VIN in all its glory!

6ddf_3Interior looks great, gauges are not yellowed, the steering wheel looks good and everything else has a unity of patina that is usually lacking.

7d5d_3Engine compartment is presentable and again reflects the originality of the car.  Seeing this, I think I should go wrinkle finish cams cover on my Sprint rebuild.

This is a pretty nice original car that, if the description reads true, sounds like would give years of trouble free service.  Regarding the price, I just don’t see it getting any action at the current numbers.  Without the great depression and with a low starting bid auction I could see this car getting to $30K but today… who knows.


1 thought on “Market #77:Clean Black 750D “Spyder”

  1. I agree with all your observations on this Giulietta completely. Black is very nice on Spiders.
    Seller mentions New Mex. hisotry. I wonder if it’s the same one that was owned by a NMSU Chemistry Prof in the early 70’s.

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