101 1300 engine rebuild part 7: even closer

I had a lot of time this weekend to work on the Sprint engine rebuild and I got a lot done.  I had been stressing out about getting the cam timing set but it turned out to be an easy process.  I still need to get a dial indicator to find TDC perfectly, but it is very close right now.  All I did to set the cam timing is I pulled the adjustment lock bolts out, loosened the vernier adjusters, connected the timing chain and tensioned it, verified TDC and cam marks again then tightened the lot up and reinstalled the adjustment lock bolts.  I put a little red locktite on the big cam nuts and bent the lock tabs over.  I still need to install new cotter pins in the adjustment lock bolts.  Once that was done it was a downhill coast until I broke a stud off …

cam-timing-doneHere it is, cam timing adjusted, everything torqued and cam chain tensioned.  I plan on dousing this all with oil before the initial start-up, probably a few weeks away.

valve-cover-onValve cover will be either wrinkle finish painted or polished, not sure which way I will go yet, so I’m leaving it grubby.  I still need to blast and paint the alternator bracket and find a fan belt that fits.  Note the trimmed off front valve cover tabs on the gasket, apparently they don’t make gasket sets without these anymore.

intake-onAt this moment I am planning on using the original Solex from this car because I know it works which should simplify the break-in process.  Thermostat is new, but the housing was cracked where it wasn’t mostly powder so I need one.  Anyone have an extra they want to donate to the cause?  I cleaned the manifold with Purple Power, even scrubbing the intake ports to a nice finish.  I blasted the water temp send unit but couldn’t get the water fitting beside it out for cleaning.

clutch-assembled-2I never found the missing bag of clutch bolts so I took these off the 1600 that is waiting for attention when this engine is done.  This is all torqued and ready to go.  I’ve gotten some feedback about using a used clutch assembly, but again, it worked fine with the 1750 so it should be more than capable of functioning in a 1300.

transmission-studsI was missing three bell housing studs and the fourth was boogered up.  I was about to give up doing any more work when I noticed the studs on a scrap transmission case I had laying around were the same size so I used my MAC stud puller and got to work cleaning and chasing the holes then installed them.  I spent another half hour scouring my boxes-o’-crap for the M8 x 1.00 pitch nuts I needed.

assembledI was moving right along when I snapped a stud off that is for the motor mount seen here.  I tried all the usual techniques but the piece has held fast.  Today I will try heat and a fresh easy-out.  Why don’t easy outs have a hex head?  That little square drive isn’t very helpful.

That’s it, the engine is getting very close.  Among the work that still has to get done is Solex installation, distributor rebuild and installation, oil filter housing installation and lots more.  The distributor needs rebushing so I may send it and the starter out for a rebuild this week.  There is still some prep to be done on the car, but that is a subject for a different post.

Follow this link to read more about the engine rebuild.


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