Market #76: Older resto 65 Giulia Spider Veloce

Giulia Spider Veloce 390549, engine 00121*01983.  This car is available right now out of Cambria California on the Alfa BB for $39,000.  This a rare Veloce version of the official last year for the classic Pininfarina Giulietta shaped Spider.   The 00121 engine is common to the Giulia SS and in stock form makes anywhere from 120 – 129 hp depending on source of the information.

rightsideThis is the kind of car you want to buy if you can’t find a similar condition original car.  Car was restored to a  straight, clean and functional condition then driven.   Everything should fit together and work nicely since it takes a kind of fine-tuning that can only be done a little at a  time during  frequent use to get the most out of a mechanical restoration. 

top2Shut lines look great, trim all fits the car nicely and the top is in superb condition.  I suspect this car is ‘Alfa’ red, but it looks almost burgundy in these pictures.  I like the aggressive lowered stance.

Here is the sellers complete description:  “I have owned this car for 30 years, as well as 9 other Alfas along the way. It’s time to move on. This car was restored in 1985. It is a true Veloce with matching numbers (390549/00121.01983). It is not a show car — many years and miles have passed since the restoration. From fifteen feet, you might think it is a show car, but closer inspection will highlight imperfections that have accrued with 51,000 miles of driving since the restoration. From a mechanical point of view, I would not hesitate to take this car on a 3,000 mile trip (I have done that). This car is driven locally at least once each week. For many years, I drove the 40 mile round trip to work on rural roads during the dry months of the year. I am uncertain of the total mileage this car has seen, since the speedometer was not functional when I purchased it. I’m asking $39k. PM me with your email address for more photos, and a more complete description.”

fun101There is nothing wrong back here, the brightwork is clean and bright, the tail light lenses are all red US market versions and it doesn’t have a dumb dual exhaust tip.  I like the license plate, I wonder how they managed it?

enginefront1Engine compartment is as it should be for a driver having the correct carb/airbox/plenum set up and larger disk brake reservoir.  I like the wrinkle finish cam cover, I will probably do the same on my Sprint engine.  Nose dimple is nice and pronounced.

I like these later 101 spiders and a 1965 1600 Veloce is the one to have (well, an AUSCA would be even better, but try finding one).  I think Alfa realized that ‘Veloce’ was a big selling point in the USA because a lot more of their cars got the Veloce name plate starting in 1966 and in the US there were no ‘Normales’ anymore.   They probably would have called the Super a Veloce if they could have gotten away with it. 

This car is in perfect  shape for use and is attractive enough to show and the price is right.  I expect a deal is being made as I type this out.


3 thoughts on “Market #76: Older resto 65 Giulia Spider Veloce

  1. i am very interested in this vehicle, i was wondering if you could send pics of the interior, trunk, and the underneath of the vehicle.

    Thank You,


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