Market #75: Giulietta Sprint Project

This Giulietta Sprint ran on eBay over the turn of the New Year and was bid to $2551 by 20 bidders. Reserve was not met and a buy it now option for $5400 was available. Number stated is AR14322515 makes no sense other than if it was AR1493*22515 in which case yes, it would be a 1959 Sprint Normale, but then it should have a 101 series 1300 engine, not the 750 series item in the pictures.

WAIT A MINUTE… AHA! This car was seen here on before as a project out of Florida that sold for $310! The statement below from the auction description speaks for itself.

“I’m listing this car for a good friend who’s a licensed car dealer, specializing in rare and unusual cars. He doesn’t do eBay so I listed this for him. I have inspected the car to give you the best possible description. I am an automotive engineer and have over 35 years of experience with classic & foreign automobiles.”

market 75 noseNose seems to have been bumped a few times, nothing serious though. Grills look good, hood fits okay and the lights have decent alignment. Market lights in the front side corners may indicate a European delivery car.

c0ab_3I suspect the car is just sitting on the rear end without everything bolted together correctly. Tail lights look to be in good shape. There is a lot of rust around the perimeter of the trunk lip, in the wheel arches and in the rocker corners. Not horrible, but a couple thousand dollars to put right at least.

b180_3This car is actually pretty straight unless the flat black has magical ripple hiding qualities. Is that a Citroen Traction Avant behind it?

0ba9_3Engine is a 750 series unit and looks decent and is said to turn over but having just gone through one of these I can say it ain’t cheap even if everything looks good when you start. I lke those bakelite cam cover bolts, may have to get a set.

market 75 interiorRust is not too tragic in here. Steeringwheel is a garbage other than to help roll it around the shop..

market 75 trunk rustSlightly above average amount of rust in here. Rust bubbles at the edges of the trunk lid scare me more.

market 75 partsIf you are thinking of buying this car you need to start an excel spreadsheet and document every part you see here and compare it to the parts book. Missing parts are a drag even when small. I lost the bolts that fasten the clutch to the flywheel and am having trouble finding a set.

I guess this proves there is a cottage industry bottom feeding on eBay, spiffing the goods up then pedaling them at a modest profit. This car would not be a bad buy for $4-$5000 if for nothing more than parts. It has rust for sure but not horribly and the parts taken aff of it all look pretty good in the pictures. A good core 750 series 1300 is getting to be an expensive proposition as are straight bumpers, grills and the like. I wonder if it will do another tour of eBay? The only bad thing about this sort of reselling is everytime a car like this changes hands, even at a modest profit, it gets more expensive for the end user who will restore it and as such becomes less attractive.


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