Market #74: restored Blue plate Spider

Update 1/12/10:  It’s funny to go back and look at these old Market reports.  Funny in this case because I go on about the wheel baase of this car but now know that 08607 would be a LWB car.  Oh well, you learn and have to admit mistakes…

Giulia Spider. For sale on bay area Craigslist. No real information given. $56,900 asking. Umm, yeah.

Ad text states it’s a 59 but I don’t think this style hood happened until late 61 or even 62 so I’m not sure what to say without the correct VIN to check. They say the vin is 000014908607 if I dare extrapolate I could guess 1495*08607, which is a 1960 Spider Normale, but that number series should be for an early style car with short wheel base, flat hood and early style gauges. Hood and gauges can be changed but a measure of the wheel base would tell the whole story.

00000000014908607-1Nice car for sure. I mean really nice car. Perfect. Of course a shiny red car at dusk always looks good. One would have to inspect…

00000000014908607-2No fault here. Perfect trim, paint, shut lines etc.

00000000014908607-3Look at the light along the side. Very nice, the shut lines are invisible. Vent windows sort of came and went on Spiders, so not much to be learned by their presence.

00000000014908607-4The subject of endless query on the BB and 750/101 boards. Rim color… BMW Polaris silver. Pirelli Cintauratos point to an above average resto. Sorry if I mispelled any of that. Drums appear to be straight finned style rather than helical finned style found on late 101 spiders.

00000000014908607-5Nice steering wheel from a ? Everything looks basically perfect. These gauges didn’t happen until about 62 also except for on SS’s and SZ’s. Is it possible they were originally on this car? Sure, it’s just unlikely.

00000000014908607-6Velvet seats? All carpet? Surely not original, but nice.

00000000014908607-7That’s a clean dash. This is all very tastefully done. Are the seat track knobs always so prominent? Is that a vintage Becker?

00000000014908607-8Very clean under here too. Looks like a Weber conversion to a Normale. This nice to exceptional in preparation and detailing, if not original. Valve cover is early style without the two front tabs that help seal the front to the head, but the head has the tabs, a late 1600 or 1750? Valve cover nuts are later style.

00000000014908607-9Again, fantastic. Do you see a fault? Me neither. Tail lights are right for a 60/61 car. That license plate was probably issued in 77 or so.

Very big money asked for a converted early normale, big money for a late Veloce, heck a little much for an Ausca Spider with a twin plug GTA engine. The nicest one in the world? Probably not, but close. I’ve seen GREAT 62 or so Spider Normales for sale and this one is above average, but they usually sell for $25 – $30K. $56,900 is big money. Big money was probably spent to make this car this nice, but in reality, with current financial woes dominating the news this car is stuck alongside it’s slightly less flash brothers. Ebay would probably turn up $30K+. It is a spectacular specimen though!


1 thought on “Market #74: restored Blue plate Spider

  1. A nice car, no question, but you picked up on a few things. Giulia hood and gauges. Looks like possibly a 105 series cylinder head, suggesting a conversion to 1600. Definitely a normale that has been modded confirmed by no bracket on right apron for the fuel filter housing.. Dash nose piece suggests that this was a Giulietta. Vent windows came and stayed on the 101 cars. Not a short wheel base car, based on vent windows and glove box door. Drum you are looking at appears to be a rear drum, specifically the right rear, and looks appropriate for this age normale rear. Cam cover is likely the original. By 1960 I think Guido was doing a bit of swapping parts. I have seen later cars with early gauges, so perhaps the same is true of early cars being fitted with late gauges, or even hoods??? Nameplate on decklid is inappropriate for this year model. I’m afraid the asking price is unrealistic in the current market, but dammit it should be.

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