Market #72: Dejavu 58 Sprint Veloce

Update 1/6/00: Now on eBay with starting bid of $10,000.

Update 1/5/09: This car was on eBay starting 12/29/08 for about 5 minutes with a starting bid of $12,000 before ending early. 

The following was added to the description: ”

The Alfa featured here was a regular at the Lime Rock race track in Connecticut where its previous owner of 25 years raced it, including many VSCCA vintage events. The roll bar should still meet SCCA regulations. The engine has a 750cc Veloce bottom end and a 101-1300 head, intake, and dual Weber carbs. Gear changes are made by a lightened GTA close-ratio gearbox and the limited slip rear end has a 5:12 gear ratio. The no restriction exhaust makes the wonderful music you expect to hear from an Alfa race car. We bought this car with the intent of restoring it as a second vintage race car sister to our vintage racing Duetto but after a year of sitting we realize it is time to let it go. It runs great, the clutch, transmission and brakes are all good. As you can see from the photos, the nose has been pushed in a bit but nothing serious or structural. We do have the grills and other exterior trim to return this to a stock, street driven car but our wish was to return it to a streetable vintage race car. We had intended on painting the car black and retaining the stock red interior. This is such a fun car, if you have never experienced a vintage Alfa that has been built for racing it is very hard to put into words the absolute joy to be had. Though great mechanically, we would love to be a part of returning it to its former visual glory and will offer the new owner a very attractive price for a cosmetic restoration of this little gem. If you are viewing this listing you probably know as much (or more) about these cars as we do and if you don’t we recommend you do some web research to learn more about what makes these cars so special.” 

 Giulietta Sprint Veloce 750E 1493*06930. This car is available right now from Brighton Motor Sports for $28,000.  This car is humorously described as having a “900cc block with a 1250cc head”, pictures of the engine compartment look like a 1600 is installed.

I recently sold SV 06917 to Corey in Seattle and SV 06924 was sold last year by FJ, both those cars are the same Amber White but with with blue/gray interior.  This car probably shared the paint booth with those cars and they almost certainly went tip-to-tail through the assembly line together.  This car is not in as good shape as 6917, and certainly doesn’t have the monster 1750 that it has, but the asking money is the same.

880820032Ouch!  My red Sprint experienced this sort of thing when its brakes went out.  Was $1800 to fix it up back to presentable.  Stripes almost look like 3M masking tape.

880820033Under-door trim is present which is nice,  Marker lights are later items but look good.  I wonder if they actually races on these Fergats with crappy tires?

This car is also on phoenix Craigslist with this ad: “The Giulietta Sprint was introduced in 1954 and was a big hit for Alfa Romeo with heavy sales as a sporty coupe that echoed the their racing heritage. The Alfa featured here was a regular at the Lime Rock race track in Connecticut where its owner of 25 years raced it in VSCCA vintage events. It suffered a small front end collision with a trailer while in its last race after losing her brakes. The engine is a 900cc block with a 1250cc head. We bought this car with the intent of restoring it but the wait is too long to get into the shop. It runs well, the clutch and brakes are good. The front end has been roughly pounded out by our body shop to smooth the damage a bit and the headlights have been replaced since the photos have been taken. It needs a few cosmetics but nothing too difficult. There is little to no rust on this Alfa and we do have the front grills with the car. This Sprint Veloce is a fine example of a vintage racer that would be a kick to experience in the curves.”

880820036This car should have the lip where the bumper goes.  I am going to assume they omitted it when they repaired the inevitable trunk rust.  I would make sure this car still has the Veloce gastank, emergency brake set-up and rear brake backing plates.

880820016It also looks like the trunk lock has been deleted and replaced by Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 hood hold-downs.  Tail lights look good, as does the script, badge and ‘airplane’.

880820042_0Car looks great from this angle, fender lips appear to have been widened.  I miss my Sprint Veloce.

880820021Car uses hood pins to keep the hood down since there is no latch.  Coil is pretty far from the distributor, I wonder how much spark is lost in a 4 foot lead?  There must be a reason guys don’t put the coil in the trunk besides the seeming idiocy of putting an ignition device near a tank of highly flammable fuel.  Valve cover doesn’t have a breather so it’s coming off the back of the engine above the bell-housing . When did they make this change?  Maybe it is a 900cc block and I just don’t know what I’m talking about.

880820026Johan in Sweden is looking for ‘Sprint Veloce’ script sill plates for his 1960 Sprint Veloce.  I told him I’ve never seen an ‘egg -crate’ Sprint Veloce with them.  Here’s another early 101 bodied Sprint with the generic Bertone sill plates.  I see evidence of aggressive surface rust in this picture.

880820008Black dash face is interesting, should be body-color.  Red door panels and carpet make me wonder if this car originally had red interior, which was usually paired with dark gray or Tornado Blue.  Maybe this car wasn’t originally white.  Seats look like GT Jr. items to me.  Mirror is Giulietta/Giulia Spider.  Steering wheel is ugly.

I love it. This is the kind of Sprint Veloce you can sink your teeth into.  When I had mine I drove it very hard and fast because I didn’t have a fancy paint job or irreplaceable trim to worry about.  Again, I miss it.

Is this car worth the $28,000 asking price?  I would have to see some underbody pictures to make a judgment call on the extent of the rust, I’d have to figure out how much of the original Veloce stuff is still on the car and I’d have to drive it.  Three months ago I’d say this was a ballpark $25,000 car if the above noted stuff checks out.  Now, with Christmas and world economic collapse days away I would guess an eBay run for this car would hit about $20,000.


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