Market #70: Above average 63 SS street/race car

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*380473. This car is available right now from Fantasy Junction (I should mention they revamped their website and it looks great, with a new high res photograph appearing with each return to their home page and larger format write-ups). Asking price is $45,000, much more realistic than the $55,000 they were trying to get for this car last year.

This car has been seen around California racetracks for several years. Hans used to drive to the track, race, then drive home, in many cases several hours each way. I saw this car race maybe three years ago and, like Jerry, he didn’t take the chequered flag, and he didn’t come in last. It has the original, though rebuilt engine and went pretty well. It is no match for Alfa’s prepared to current racing spec, but that’s not really the point of this car. I’d be more than happy with it just as it is.

14794This is the second car in two posts with mis-matched mirrors, maybe I need to emulate rather then complain. I think this car looks tough and purposeful in this picture with the numbers and spot/fog light.

14808A clean, no-nonsense SS. 1MRT760 is probably from about 1977-78, and this car has an IGM number and metric gauges so it probably came from Europe for some reason or other around then. I have seen this car in person many times, including this last Saturday and it is not perfect, but all of the trim, lenses and everything else have a nicely complementary patina that the new owner will hopefully appreciate.

14782Interior is original and frankly a little on the tired side, especially the drivers seat, which is as it should be I suppose. If it were mine I’d have someone carefully replace the seat foam. Drivers door panel pocket looks like Borat’s proverbial ‘wizards sleeve’, but the dash looks great.

14788Someday I will look down and see the same display but the speedometer will be reading 180km/hr. Nice clean gauges, as good as I’ve seen this side of restored.

14792Airbox, intake manifold, plenum, Webers, and all are correct and as they should be. Engine is said to have been sympathetically gone through by Conrad, who has an international reputation for good honest work, and it has given several years of trouble free running and racing.  Definitely a selling point.

14795It looks sketchy but that’s how the mesh inside the grill openings on SS’s came. Nice green plug wires etc. Some tidying could easily be done, but at least it’s original and works.

14799This is maybe a funny picture to include but it demonstrates how clean and functional this car is. I wonder what that decal on the Diff housing is about.

The economy being what it is and cars seeming to have stopped heading east to Europe it will be interesting to see if this car languishes or sells. I think it will find a new home without too much drama, but it will take some time. The body has rust bubbles and the interior is ragged in places, but it is charming none-the-less.


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