Market #68: Nice eyebrow Sprint in Mexico

Update:  20 bids, $13,300, reserve not met.  This doesn’t surprise me in light of the detailed pictures the seller added late in the auction, a few of which I added to the end of this post.  I predicted a higher end than this but it light of the new pictures and their evidence of a more than passing need for rust repair and new paint I think the ending price makes some sense, especially if more unpleasant surprises lurk.  I still think this car would see $18,000 or more if it was in California and sold with attention to detail the eBay seller out of Newport Beach usually uses.  Javier, I’m not sure what advise to give you.  It may be worth having the repairs done locally and trying again in the Spring, assuming total financial collapse doesn’t have us operating on the barter system. 

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*04953This car is available on eBay out of Temixco Mexico which looks to be close to Mexico City.  Fusi indicates it is a 1957 as claimed by the seller.

I had an email chat with a guy in Mexico about a 59 Sprint that he has and is thinking of selling to fund another Sprint.  His problem is importing old cars to Mexico is very difficult to impossible and his car has a US title and the car he is hoping to buy has a Mexican title.  He is hoping to sell his car in the US.  I told him that people I know would have reservations buying a car out of Mexico because of money exchange complications, shipping and in many cases unfair quality associations with South American countries who send cars to the states that are presentable but worn out.  I told him these perceptions mean the car has to be a very good deal or exceptionally rare to get serious interest from Americans.  I can’t say how Eurpoeans see it, buy I imagine not much differently.  I bring this up because I am hoping this car will prove me wrong.  What can be seen in the images leads me to believe this was a clean original car that was freshened up, albeit straying from original in the interior and drivetrain somewhat. 

b5b6_1Handsome car.  Windows look very clear.  Bright work is bright and straight, paint is shiny, door and hood gaps are average or better.  I know of guys who have sent cars to Mexico for paint and chrome because you can still get ‘the good stuff’ down there and it’s reasonably priced, you just have to have solid recommendations.  Note the big dollar sign on the quarter window.

8178_1I’m not a fan of this sort of picture skimping.  If you’re selling a car that is worth at least $25,000 spend the extra $2 and put as many high quality pictures as you can.  Did this series of Sprint have reflectors under the tail lights?  Suspension is set up slightly high, I wonder if Mexican roads have a lot of holes and bumps.  Underhood pad is incorrect but the right one is only available from a few European vendors and this one looks good so I’m fine with it.

Ad text reads: “You are looking at a very nice  ‘57 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 750. It has been in the family for the last 46 years.

Part of the history….This car belonged to my father in law. He bought it in 1962 to his very best friend and by 1972 or 73 he stopped using the car (I don’t know why). He kept the car in a safety place and by 1991 he tried to repair the car. The 1300 engine didn’t start so he bought a 1600 engine in the USA and repainted the car, after doing so, he kept the car at a safety place again … until 2001 when I took the car and started to really work on it.

I worked non stop for a year, many parts where out of place and part of the electrical system didn’t work, brakes, engine, etc… Now the car has a 1600 engine with 2 weber DCOE, bosch electronic ignition and a 4 speed gearbox. The car start and runs really well. Breaks are the 4 drum original ones but I don’t have the original 1300 engine. The body is in pretty good condition. It only has small details of rust under the doors and in the back of the trunk. It may also needs to be repainted. It has all the external accessories. All the trim, badges, hubs, grille, etc, are original some of them need to be re-chromated. The interior is mostly complete. It has the original steering wheel (not broken), all the instruments work perfectly, ashtray, radio, knobs, seats are in very good shape and original. Window and door handles are complete. The only missing parts are the sun visors. Original papers and original title from 1958.

If you have any questions regarding this Alfa Romeo, feel free to contact me.

Remember that shipping arrangements will have to be made by the buyer, or local pick up. The buyer is responsible for all transportation costs including towing, shipping, customs, and taxes. the car is in Cuernavaca city, Mor., I can drive the car to Mexico, city. If you need help with transportation or shipping I will help as far as I can. The car is sold “as is”.

The car is also been offered localy, so I reserve the right to end this aution. Please don’t bid on this car if you don’t intend to pay for it.

The winning bidder must paid within 5 calendar days of the end of auction via Paypal or bank wire or certified cheque / money order.

Thanks for checking out this good looking Alfa and good luck!”


e1cf_1Seat covers and door panels are not to pattern but are presentable.  Headliner looks nice.  Black rubber edging around the engine compartment lip is dorky as is red oil fill cap.  Is that an alternator way up high on the far side of the engine?  Dual webers… cool, but on what 1600 engine?  As I said earlier, not entirely original but presentable, clean and original where it counts.  Door latch appears to have a lot of overspray, indicative of poor prep or intentional?

011b_1I am a little concerned by the filled in jack points and how the open rockers have been closed in the back corners.  Maybe a rust repair, maybe just sloppy bodywork, but worth looking at in either case.  Everything else looks good if you can turn a blind eye to overspray.  I tend to be the overspray protest nazi so ignore me if you can live with it.  Seller says paint may need to be redone, so take that for what it’s worth.

This car is tough to call.  If it was in California I would think $22,000 plus or minus $2000 depending on what was revealed by a personal visit or extensive, detailed pictures.  What does being in Mexico detract?  What do the perceptions I brought up at the beginning add up to for what appears to be a reasonably nice car?  Is there no Mexican market for these cars?  What 1600 is in it now and what is the running condition?  What does the world financial market turmoil do to an auction for a car like this? 

I think it will see about $18,000 worth of bidding, reserve will not be met and who knows from there.  In any case it’s good to see another early Sprint alive and kicking.




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