Giulietta Sprint 101 1300 engine rebuild part 5: Waterpump

Another pretty part ready for installation.  As with just about everything else relating to this 101 1300 rebuild, the waterpump is not just an off the shelf purchased part that gets to be bolted on.  Theoretically the waterpump is an owner servicable part and rebuild kits are available, but years in a hostile environment means the average, or even above average DIY Alfa owner is going to need help.

I pressed the impeller out of the bearings and found it to be in good shape with little corrosion or wear on the bearing and sealing surfaces.  Once the impeller was out I removed the snap ring that positioned the outer bearing and that is where I got hung up.  I wasn’t sure which way to try and press the bearings out and the special seal with the toleranced mounting flange and spring was all corroded.  At this point I decided I could irrepairably damage the pump if I wasn’t careful so I put all the parts in a plastic bag and delivered it, along with my rod bearings to John Norman Racing where Dan Marvin rebuilt it.

water-pump-rebuilt101 1300 waterpumps are no longer available, so if yours has a problem treat it gently, don’t assume you can buy a new one.

waterpump-loosely-mountedThe rebuild included a pair of new bearings, a new seal, light clean-up of the impeller, a new tach drive seal and soda blasting.  Hopefully it will work as good as it looks.

101-1300-fanHere is the cool early fan, a one piece unit with the pulley that is keyed to the pump.  I have since polished this up to a respectable sheen but alas, I didn’t have my camera with me so you have to take my word for it.

How much did the rebuild cost?  The parts were about $40, not sure yet how much the labor will be as I will be paying the a few bills at the same time.  Look for a post about connecting rod small end bushings and 1750 waterpump installation in the daily Berlina.
The engine build saga continues here, click on through.


One thought on “Giulietta Sprint 101 1300 engine rebuild part 5: Waterpump

  1. I am working on my 62 SS and have the same water pump problem.
    Could you pls. advise if I could also send my water pump to John Norman?


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